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  • Sorry if this is a searchable topic, but I did try to search for an answer first!

    I’m trying to preload a number of posts to show up at a later date, but have been unable to make this work. I’ve tried changing the time and date stamp but that hasn’t worked. The posts just show up on my main page regardless of when the time and date stamp was set to.

    Can anyone help me with this?


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  • Check the “Edit timestamp” box AND change the date. It works only if both are done.

    I did remember to do that. Thanks for the suggestion though! Might you have any other ideas? I’m wondering if I’m ordering my posts by something that makes all the posts show.

    For the record, and if anyone else has a similar problem, I figured out what my issue was.

    When you go to schedule a posting date and alter the time and date stamp on the post, if you are trying to post at a time in which the hour only has one digit, you still need to enter a two digit number into the hour field. (For example, if you want your post to appear at 9:01 AM on Thursday June 8, you need to set the date for June 8th and enter “09” into the hour slot, and “01” into the minute slot. Otherwise, the post just shows up.)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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