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    I just migrated to a new server, same configs for apache and MySQL etc.

    But now some of my posts overflow? Even a new one I made..

    Same thing occurs when using the default theme (which is on now).

    I’ll try updating to 2.2 this evening..

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  • whooami



    Look at your source. you have forced spaces in between most of your words.

    <p>The&nbsp;new&nbsp;server&nbsp;is&nbsp;an&nbsp;AMD&nbsp;Athlon&nbsp;XP&nbsp;2000+&nbsp;downclocked&nbsp;to&nbsp;650Mhz,&nbsp;with&nbsp;512MB&nbsp;DDR&nbsp;Dual&nbsp;channel&nbsp;on&nbsp;100Mhz, the&nbsp; low clockrates are&nbsp;because&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;energy&nbsp;usage&nbsp;;).
    it’s&nbsp;about&nbsp;time,&nbsp;because&nbsp;most&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;configs&nbsp;where&nbsp;a&nbsp;bit&nbsp;messy.&nbsp;Not&nbsp;all&nbsp;things&nbsp;working&nbsp;yet, I expect them to do by the end of the week.</p>

    Im guessing that because of those you dont have normal line breaks.

    by the way, I’m working on my firewall right now, so you might experience some outage on the site.

    I appreciate you looking though, and I’m checking this page at least once a minute ūüôā

    –reply to above–
    I have forced nothing, I made a new post using just Write, and typing some text.. Nothing I wouldn’t do normally anyway..

    I don’t see any   myself though, which browser do you use?

    forced spaces are the &nbsp; non breaking space. In your browser, they look just like a normal space except they don’t do a line break.
    If you use ‘just Write’ you are copying a lot of extra code into yur post. Just write your post in the WordPress editor or in a plain text editor like notepad.

    By just write, I meant the wordpress editor :). The ‘Write’ link in the admin page.

    Anyways, I upgraded to WordPress 2.2.1 and indeed there are some strange characters as spaces on the lines that overflow.

    I’ll try to check it out in the database, I’ll post when it’s solved ūüôā


    Okay, indeed removing the weird characters solves the problem. I suspect that the new server is to blame, since I now run a complete en_US.UTF-8 server, and that is what probably distorted the database.

    I’m having the same problem of overflowing lines but this happened since I upgraded to 2.2.1. I posted on my blog 2 days ago when I was still using 2.1.3 and everything was fine. My first post with 2.2.1 gave me overflowing lines.

    Not sure what to look for in order to fix this…can someone give me a hint? My blog is in french and I use accented letters like √©√®√†, etc…





    you have the same thing going on, use the “view source” in your favorite browser:

    Brière&nbsp;était&nbsp;co-capitaine&nbsp;à&nbsp;Buffalo,&nbsp;ca&nbsp;veut&nbsp;donc&nbsp;dire&nbsp;qu’il&nbsp;a&nbsp;une&nbsp;bonne&nbsp;dose&nbsp;de&nbsp;leadership&nbsp;entre&nbsp;les&nbsp;deux&nbsp;oreilles.&nbsp;On&nbsp;a&nbsp;besoin&nbsp;de&nbsp;ça&nbsp;à&nbsp;Montréal&nbsp;du&nbsp;leadership,&nbsp;ca&nbsp;fait&nbsp;plusieurs&nbsp;années&nbsp;que&nbsp;les&nbsp;gens&nbsp;se&nbsp;plaignent&nbsp;qu’il&nbsp;manque&nbsp;de&nbsp;leaders&nbsp;dans&nbsp;ce&nbsp;club&nbsp;et&nbsp;Steve&nbsp;Bégin&nbsp;ne&nbsp;peut&nbsp;pas&nbsp;toujours&nbsp;tout&nbsp;faire&nbsp;lui&nbsp;même! Il y a ....

    Well this is a WordPress problem then or DB related? I never got this problem before and I write my posts in WordPress using the Visual editor. What should I do?

    And by the way, when checking the source in Opera, it doesn’t give me the extra nbsp coding:


    Can’t believe that this is database related.
    Does it happen with every new post you write in the Visual editor?

    Well I wouldn’t be able to say it happens with every post, but since upgrading to 2.2.1 it happened with the only post I tried to write using the visual editor.

    I copied/pasted the post in notepad, then recopied/repasted it from notepad to the visual editor and everything was ok after that.

    But I wouldn’t want to have to write my posts in notepad everytime…defeats the point of having the blog do it for you in the first place.

    Any other ideas on why this is happening?

    Have you checked if it happens with other browsers?
    <textarea> is not implemented exactly the same way in every browser.
    BTW, I would dump the Visual Editor if I were you ūüėČ

    I’ll see if it happens with Explorer when I write my next post.

    Why would I want to dump the Visual Editor? It’s there for a reason right?

    Right,it’s there for a reason. It hides all xhtml code and that can be very easy. However the Visual editor adds and changes xhtml code under the hood. With the code editor you can see the code. You wouldn’t have had the problem with $nbsp;

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