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  • Ok, I’m using the latest nightly built, and perhaps I’m being a dolt here…. but:
    When editing a post it turns it inot a draft, not wanted behavior reallly, but ok… however – there is no way of publishing the post again, it is removed totally and there is no way of getting it to display – no matter what you do to it.
    This happens if you make a draft too, it just seems drafts are rather broken. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it didn’t turn edited posts into drafts….
    Anyone have any clue how I can fix this? Or is it a known issue and I’m being dim?

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  • I went into the database with phpMyAdmin and changed the post_status field from “draft” to “publish”.

    ick.. so it IS a known issue huh? Or is this just a bug with this latest build?
    So far this is the only issue I’ve had with the build I may add… except I have no idea how to add themes as there is no example theme, or how to add themes into the “theme” directory (of which there is none, I had to add it manually – an example demo theme would make sense for release – maybe implement the “kubrik” style that way… or make the default the example).

    also, got this error message from posts, pages in Manage area.

    Warning: join(): Bad arguments. in /yourhomedirecory/wordpress/wp-admin/edit.php on line 13
    Database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘)’ at line 1]
    SELECT ID, post_title FROM wp_posts WHERE post_status = ‘draft’ AND post_author IN ()

    DarkCryst, are you talking about styles when you say themes? Check out my WP style switcher tutorial. 🙂

    it seems there is a syntax error in line 13 of edit.php
    correct is $editable = join(',', $editable);
    instead of the wrong $editable = join($editable, ',');
    but that doesn’t bring the missing publish-button back… 🙁

    > so it IS a known issue huh? Or is this just a bug with this latest build?
    Seems to be a bug with the last two nightlies:

    bronski, I made your edit to edit.php and I still get the database error.

    just found out about that too, bummer. 🙁
    looking at i was so sure about that…

    i think this only happens when you have only one user.
    well, in edit.php in line 12 there is an SQL statement:
    $editable = $wpdb->get_col("SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->users WHERE user_level <= '$user_level' AND ID != $user_ID");
    so when there is only the admin-user, ID = 1, this select results in an empty quere, the array cannot be joined and the known error occurs.
    as soon as you add a second user the array contains values and the error is gone.

    as far as themes vs styles… no I was talking about the built in theme switcher 1.3 has, not a stylesheet switcher as your code seems to do (I know how to do that).
    Mostly I just wanted to know what files and where to drop them for the theme so I get a description. I could just edit the existing one, but I’d like to have it as a seperate theme, code and all.
    So yeah, not styles, themes 🙂
    The “new user can publish” thing could solve my problem..
    yup! that solved it! 🙂 Thanks to Bronski for that, so simple.. yet easy to miss at the same time. Hopefully this topic my provide some help to others…

    well, with this patch applied the setting mentioned above doesn’t need to be set to “new users may publish” – great! thanks.

    well I think, to reuse a phrase… its not a bug, its a feature.
    The new user things makes sense, but really the default should be that they CAN publish, not that they can’t… its not really wanted behavior otherwise.

    There is a bug in there, though, as I (admin) am not a new user and have a user_level of 10 but only get the option of “draft” and “private” – unless I am missing something.

    The patch fixed the SQL syntax error message but still no “Publish” radio button here either. I’m using latest 9-15-04 nightly.

    same error
    and everytime edit post my post send to DRAFT.

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