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  • Just a couple points…plugin is spelled wrong in your description.

    Also where you use this link you should replace that with so that any new subject started will get the appropriate tag and forum.

    Good Luck.

    Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for to add on to a multi-author site.

    Works really well!

    The one thing I would like to see it able to do is link the authors name to their profile on the specific site. I also use a theme my profile plugin and want to have the link from the authors name pull to their profile on the site!

    Thanks for the great work.

    I hope I’m in the right place for help. I have a main site called I have added a niche site called The plugins I am trying to load into “spode” are all loading into “portable”. I hope this is a simple thing I’m missing. I have FTP and understand how it works as far as my being new and still learning. I appreciate anyones time and help~~SARA

    Hi Robb,

    I also use a theme my profile plugin and want to have the link from the authors name pull to their profile on the site!

    I’m unsure of what you mean exactly but I’d like to help. So you’re using the plugin called “Theme My Profile” by Jeff Farthing?

    How is the link you’re asking for different from the default link by WordPress that you can activate in the settings page?


    Yes that is the plugin i am using, sorry for not being clear with that!

    With the box “Add link to author page” checked under the options menu, the link of the authors name pulls me to a view of all the posts by the author in the category view. I was wondering if it could pull to the profile view of the author.

    This might be tricky however because i’m still working on a user list to see the multiple authors on the blog. As of right now a author exists by their-self in the blog.

    apart from that I am running into a problem with 2.8.5 and 0.2

    I am getting this error message in the author drop down box in the add new post view as an author

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_author_meta_box() in /home/robbie/domains/ on line 127

    Not sure what’s going on…

    Thanks man!

    thanks for this plug in, working exceptionally

    Hi there,

    I just installed the plugin and the author name doesn’t show up in the posts. It’s weird, it shows up when previewing a post from within WP but not on the regular site. BUT, it does appear in the archive version of the post.

    Archive version:

    main version:

    Any ideas?



    @yasinakgun: glad you like it!

    @eatenbybears: it seems that the plugin IS working on your site, but maybe your theme is getting in the way somehow? I went to your links but couldn’t understand what you’re pointing to, as I did not see anything author-related. Also, I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “regular site” VS. “archive”… there is only one display of the post, and any post can be found in an archive list. Still it’s only one display of the post in the end.

    @robb: a new release coming out today with a few bug fixes for what you describe and more. I also looked into the plugin “Theme my profile” you’re talking about and it seems to me that this is incompatible with a multi-author website.

    What we can do is open up the field for the link so you can put whatever you want in it. In the case of the “Them my profile” plugin, you’d put the permalink to your profile page (default is ‘profile’) or anything else.

    It will be included in today’s release.


    Okay after some trial and error, the 0.3 version is online and should work! Sorry again, I am no computer tech and I got messed up with how the repository works.

    Please report if anything is not working perfect. Cheers!

    I got the same error when editing pages in author box. The edit page got messed and I got to disable the plugin to edit!

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_author_meta_box() in /home/robbie/domains/ on line 152

    Can you fix it?

    Also I suhhest you put the author name that made the last revision!


    Hi Daniel,

    what version of WP and Post Author are you using ? I haven’t had time to test it under WP 2.9 but from all tests (including WP team test) version 0.3 works well with all recent WP releases including 2.8.4, 2.8.5 and 2.8.6.

    My suggestion : disable it, uninstall it and DO remove the files on your server. Then reinstall version 0.3 from the repository. Your settings will not be deleted, don’t worry. And tell me if you still have the problem.

    As for the revision date and author, I’ll check into that. I didn’t know that WordPress saved the name of the person who revised a post. If I can sort it out I’ll make it into the next version.


    The plugin seems to kill Tiny MCE editor on Pages in version 2.9.1

    Hi Rabideau,

    I have just released a new version for WP 2.9+, as version 0.3 was only for WP2.7/2.8.

    So far, we have tested the application successfully on WP 2.7.1 and 2.9.1 and had no problem whatsoever with rich text editors.

    Hope you got it working. Report if you have any problem.

    Yo, David.

    Great widget! Thanks for providing it. I’m using it for a site where a number of people leave memories of family member who was killed in action and would like to list the full name of the person rather than the username.

    First, is this possible? And second, if it is, can you direct me to the code changes that need to be made?

    The site is at:


    Hi there,

    sure you can display the author’s real name, take a look at my new FAQ here and you should be all set!

    Good luck,

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