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  • As promised, the plugin has been revised/updated and returned to it’s roots of being a plugin designed to show one’s IP and doing it correctly and effectively. Glad to see we were able to get things sorted! Thank you so much for listening and working with feedback, author!

    Updated to 5 stars for doing what it’s meant to do, simple and well!

    ORIGINAL REVIEW ( 1 Star )
    Created support topic over 2 months ago.

    Even went so far as to attempt to contact him via his personal site to ensure he was made aware of this problem and support topic via

    No reply at all.

    Creator boasts “Any suggested updates I’ll consider in each build.” but can’t be bothered to provide support for an issue that has arisen specifically from this plugin.

    1 star, because no lower rating is available, due to errors and nonexistent support.

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  • Plugin Author Keith Griffiths


    Hey listen, sorry for not getting in touch sooner.

    In relation to you sending me an email, I have not received anything.

    One suggestion I can make at this time is to change hosting providers, as this plugin works fine on a lot of web hosts.

    I understand it’s not best practice to run shell_exec() but it works, I’ll come up with an alternative shortly.

    Choose a host that has this enabled: shell_exec() or ask your host to enable this.

    Here is my email address:, send me an email anytime.

    And again, sorry for not responding sooner.

    Thread Starter luckyfox


    Six months later, and still this hasn’t been updated.

    I really don’t feel that switching hosts to accommodate an unnecessary shell command is a reasonable alternative to simply checking if it can run shell commands before actually executing and failing to throw the error every time I visit the dashboard.

    Which is still
    Warning: shell_exec() has been disabled for security reasons in /wp-content/plugins/show-ip-address/show-ip-address.php on line 76

    Especially for the server uptime, which this plugin isn’t actually meant to provide (hence it’s name of Show IP not Show Server Updtime).

    I also don’t believe that this plugin really warrants a top-level menu item (such as Wordfence as a random example) instead of a sub-menu entry in “Settings” (such as Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd for another random example) with the rest of the plugins. Especially considering the setting page doesn’t have any settings, it’s just a short readme to provide the shortcode for the plugin.

    And my final bit of feedback (which all of this really isn’t meant to be offensive in any way!), are you aware that your dashboard widget is bigger than the WordPress News widget? This is mostly because of the large photo you include, which should probably be removed as it’s unnecessary (and doesn’t actually serve a purpose besides aesthetics). In fact, even your plugin page doesn’t reflect the massive new dashboard widget. There’s also a lot of additional unnecessary static information on the widget that could be moved to the settings page instead to save dashboard space.

    I would very much love to give a 5-star review, even still, because it DOES do what it’s intended to do… And I know these alterations could be done in just a minute or two! I just wish you’d finally get around to them. So the plugin can do what it’s meant to, without all of the frilly fluff.

    Still waiting to update my review~!

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