• So after struggling through their awful website and finally getting a key for a client, and downloading the pro version just o upload it to the website and activate it, so you need 2 plugins for the pro version, not just one, and one of them has to be uploaded as a zip file, and THEN you have to activate it with a product key.

    Which didn’t work, it took an hour and like 12 attempts until I gave up, it would just time out. So I went to another computer, and oh, suddenly license activated. But it was still wanting me to go buy the pro license on every page, even though I already had it.

    But when I went to attempt to go to the settings page, it would just do nothing and eventually time out. So it looks like the plugin dials home every single time to check the license, but the home website isn’t responding right now, and I can’t undo the upgrade to ProductX.

    I don’t see how these companies can continue having such poor performance and justify charging hundreds of dollars for a product that might break at the drop of a hat. Avoid.

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  • Hello @parthon

    I’m sorry to hear about the challenges you encountered. We strive to provide a smooth experience for our users, and I apologize for any frustration caused.

    Regarding the installation process, we have detailed documentation available to guide users through the setup. I encourage you to refer to our documentation for step-by-step instructions.

    The dual-file structure is a common practice in all WordPress plugins, separating the core functionality from additional features provided in the pro version.

    The WordPress forum indeed has guidelines, and we adhere to them by providing support for free users only on the forum. If you face any issue with the pro version, you need to contact our dedicated support team through this link: Support. We can’t give pro user support in this forum.



    Hello @parthon,

    We don’t get any email from you yet. This forum is only for free users. We can’t give you any service here as you are a pro user. This is a violation of the WordPress guidelines. Please contact us, we will resolve your issue.

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