• I don’t get the point of this plugin… No added reporting, simply just an extra space to enter the cost on the product page. Can’t recall the information in a useful way.

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  • Plugin Author Softedge


    Hello, thanks for reviewing our plugin.

    I can understand that this plugin is not that useful for you, but it may be for other users!
    This was a request by one of our client: he simply wanted to keep a trace of the price of the products he bought, just by looking at one place. He also wanted to export that info afterwards (with a .csv exporter), so he can compare the prices (when he buys and when he sells) and calculate the profit margin.

    When we have some time, we’re still working on the ‘pro’ version, which has an interesting feature: you can enter the margin profit you desire, depending on the type of products, and it will calculate the selling price automatically for you.

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