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  • There is a lot of demand for a wpg3 Plugin, but I couldn’t find a project which is developing it yet. Are there some?

    I would love to put some energy into plugin development if I find at least 2 more people working seriously with me.

    The WPG3 Plugin should be backward compatible enabling all the WPG2 users to update their sites without need to change the old tags in WordPress pages and posts.

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  • I would like to help out. I’m not a programmer, but I do operate self-hosted WordPress and Gallery3 installations. I’d be happy to help with testing.


    There is some work being done here by heiv and you can get the plugin
    from the links below. It is not a replacement for wpg2 though and I am not sure it will be. It might give you a starting point though.

    I saw this Plugin already, but Heiv seems to be on holiday since July and the Plugin is NOT ment to be a sucessor of WPG2.

    I started with a Feature Wish list for WPG3 and collected Information about WPG3 related projects

    I started a project Wiki to see how many people seriously interested.
    Anyone wanna join WPG3 Development?

    I’m glad to see someone has taken interest in this project. I can’t help with coding but I can help with testing.

    Also, this may be a long shot but it can’t hurt to mention.
    Their is a team of developers that has done a fantastic job with Gallery 2 and Gallery 3 in phpnuke maybe they can help.

    Call for Alpha Testers!

    I’m in… i’ll setup a test site this weekend where i can test out the plugin. anything specific you want us to report back to you, or keep our eyes opened for?

    First: it should work 😉

    If someone wanna check out the template system and contribute some better default Template (e.g. there are only types ‘photo’ and ‘album’ available by now) I would be happy.

    Now I’m working on rewrite Support and a “image-choser”-like Image Insert.
    Finally User-Integration and Multilingual Support show up on the horizon.
    for details check:

    I set up a new wordpress installation and gallery 3installation. I then added your plugin. I made sure that the Gallery rest module was activated, and that guest access was set to 1. but I get this error in WordPress now:

    Are all files there and readable?
    Basically the file is in your include path “.” and should be loadable.

    @ shecter again:
    You need to rename the class or the file
    The filename is:
    and the classname is WPG3_Xhttp
    See the PG!=pg.
    It is a problem only if your filesystem support small/upper case.
    I’ll fix it in next release. Thanks.

    “are all files there and readable”? well, I did a brand new installation of the latest wordpress and gallery3. And then I downloaded and installed your wp plugin. so let me know if there’s something else i need to install. as far as readable goes…all the files in my wp includes directory are set to 755, so i assume they are readable.

    regarding your second note…what should i rename the file wpg3_class_Wpg3_Xhttp.php to?

    Updated to 0.81 to resolve this issue hopefully. Will be online in some minutes.

    Hi i just tried to install GWPG3 0.85 on my wordpress 3.0.2 install, and i get this error as sooon as I activate the plugin.

    Warning: include(wpg3_class_WPG3_Xhttp.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/shect0/public_html/test/wp-content/plugins/wpg3/wpg3.php on line 640
    Warning: include(wpg3_class_WPG3_Xhttp.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/shect0/public_html/test/wp-content/plugins/wpg3/wpg3.php on line 640
    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening 'wpg3_class_WPG3_Xhttp.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php') in /home/shect0/public_html/test/wp-content/plugins/wpg3/wpg3.php on line 640
    Fatal error: Class 'WPG3_Xhttp' not found in /home/shect0/public_html/test/wp-content/plugins/wpg3/wpg3.php on line 427

    what am i doing wrong here?

    rename wpg3_Xhttp file to WPG3_Xttp and it should work ok…
    I’ve setup a page with the WPG3 tags but it does not work …checked the error logs and found nothing to go by – happy to give it a test run and setup a template if I can get it working

    please explain where I get a rest API key to put into the configuration …
    and please explain the G3page options


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