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  • Just edited to satisfy my 3.3.1 and got it working.
    Took a whole day so not fully tested, just for category I need.
    Please let me know if anyone interested, I don’t know how to upload the file here 🙂

    Add simple subdomain URL Redirection function too.
    So in your virtual host web server you can set * in the same directory. Will redirect to homepage bloginfo(‘url’) if it’s invalid subdomain.

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  • excellent congrats. been stuck on 3.2 as couldn’t get it to work. please share link/code to isnooks [@] gmail [.] com


    Uploaded here

    Hi lontongcorp.

    Thank you for make it compatible with 3.3.1 for category. Can you guide me how to make it works with Page? Thank you 🙂

    I’ll look into it to work with Pages when had times.
    or we can wait original developers 😀

    Wonderful work there, lontongcorp! I sincerely hope that you can find the time to adapt the plugin also for Pages since that would mean that I can finally finish building my WordPress site!

    Where is that “donate” button???

    Hello, how to make it works with Author? Thank you 🙂

    sorry guys, had to finish my work for client first 🙂
    will look into Pages (and Author?) from now.

    Move it to my blog here as thwbaur asked the donation button 😀


    Nice 🙂 I’ll keep monitoring your progress with joy!

    Hi! Glad to see that someone’s managed to install successfully the subdomains plugin in WP 3.3.1 I’ve been trying for a couple of days with no success
    I downloaded the plugin and configured it to make my only main category a subdomain and created a subdomain of the same name on the server But it doesn’t work There’s something I am missing, obviously, can anyone help?

    Please check and test from here for pages and author.

    It appears that the rewriting that this plugin does, works correctly now! I have configured it to work with only one (1) page which it seems to do as it should. So far this seems to be a succesfull modification. I cannot yet test it completely, since I get a 500 server error on my subdomain when using the plugin. This might be an issue my webhost can resolve – I will contact him ASAP and let him look into the matter.

    For now I think important progress has been made by lontongcorp! Hope to hear more positive test results from others.

    Update: the 500 error has something to do with my .htaccess file. When I rename it temporarily, the 500 error becomes a 404, not found. Am I supposed to modify .htaccess when this plugin is used?

    thwbaur, I use it in my project for category and page subdomain without changing the .htaccess file. No problem to me. Maybe it’s your webhost server

    Just to say that the plugin is working now – there was a little correction to do at the webhost I haven’t tested it for pages or author yet

    Show me yours .htaccess and whether to activate the wildcard?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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