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    Hello, I LOVE WP Float and have been successfully using version 1.2. I upgraded to version 1.3 thinking it was the best thing to do, not realising it was a significant change from 1.2, and encountered a couple of issues. I am using the Photocrati theme.

    1. Once it became a widget, I couldn’t get my floating image to display on the very left of my screen. I could get it to display on the left of the sidebar, or the centre of the footer, depending on where I put the widget. I am using this plugin to display a blue facebook flag above the red Rewards flag on my site. I have re-installed version 1.2 for now and it is working as desired –

    2. When I had version 1.3 installed, my rich text editing capabilities in the visual editor for posts and pages didn’t work. I could type, but it was white plain text, and I had to highlight the text to see what was written. Now that I am back on 1.2, this problem has disappeared. The upgrade to WP Float 1.3 was the only change I made before I started seeing this problem.

    Could you please advise if these issues can be resolved? I don’t like having “out of date” plugins that WordPress keeps reminding me to update, but the current version 1.3 just isn’t working for me.

    I was so excited when I first found WP Float ’cause it did EXACTLY what I wanted 🙂

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  • Plugin Author samhagin


    1. I tested version 1.3 with a bunch of themes and it does show at the very left of the screen , perhaps your theme has javascript that is conflicting with WP Float. i will look into the Photocrati theme to see if I can replicate this and update this post.

    2.The rich text editor in version 1.2 uses wp_editor, unfortunately that functionality does not work well with widgets, you can read more on this at , i’m however still looking into this to see if there is a workaround

    Thanks, I look forward to hearing your update.

    Plugin Author samhagin


    Sorry for the delay, i installed the photocrati theme and added an image with WP Float, this image is set to top/left/float and it works fine, you can take a look at , perhaps some customizations made to the theme you are using is the cause of the issue, I’d suggest you continue using version 1.2 since that works for your current theme.

    Thanks for the update. Could you send me a screenshot of the settings you use to get the image in that position, so I can try it one more time?

    Thanks for investigating 🙂

    Plugin Author samhagin


    below is a link to the screenshot

    Thanks for the link – I have upgraded to v1.4, and it works on the home page, but none of my other posts or pages. So close!

    Awesome plugin. I am using it but it doesn’t work the way I want it to. I want it to display a facebook/twitter image “which i have made clickable” I want it to float on the screen furthest left possible at the top. and scroll with the window. I put the widget in the footer are sidebar named (footer column 2) by my theme. The options are “float” “top” “left” (homepage posts pages category) are checked and the rest are at 0 value. Here is a screen shot

    The image appears in the footer indeed exactly where i placed the widget. If i move the widget to a different sidebar it will appear there. I want it to appear and follow the page at the most top left though. Any help would be appreciated. Regards

    Plugin Author samhagin


    @gertyphotography , your theme may not have widget support added to pages/post , you can try using the shortcode for WP Float as described at and that works on pages/post regardless of whether the theme has widget support or not

    @chink12 , can you please provide a link to your site so I can take a look to see why WP Float is not working as it should ? just as a test, when you try using the shortcode for WP Float, does that work ?

    So would I have to put the shortcode on every single page and post? i just seen the shortcode option. and no it doesnt work either.

    I think the shortcode is supposed to go in your widgets area in a text widget. well that’s how i thought it’s supposed to work.

    @chink12: If that is your site, I would strongly recommend that you read asap.

    Plugin Author samhagin


    The shortcode is not for widgets but for posts or pages, the shortcode only works when you are actually on viewing the page or post, you can see an example at, the shortcode used on that page is [wp_float type="float" location="top" align="left" offsetlocation="" offsetalign="" speed="" width="" ]<a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>[/wp_float]
    unfortunately you have to add it on each post/page that you want it to show on. The main reason for making WP Float into a widget is to give you the ability to run more than one instance of it, however seems some themes don’t have widget support which is making the plugin not work for some people. in the next release i hope to make this work even if your theme has no widget support

    Thanks Sam, I thought that was the case. The shortcode worked well, but I don’t really have time to do it on every page and post. Look forward to the new release.

    Still waiting for an answer to why its working weirdly on mine

    Plugin Author samhagin


    You should try adding the widget to the left/right sidebar of your theme instead of the footer. I’ve never tested WP Float in a footer widget so can’t really tell why it is behaving that way. Let me know if it works with a left/right sidebar widget positions

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