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  • since I log the JS errors on my site, I found a lot generate by the wordpress stat Plugin. I got the error only with IE 7, it says (I have to translate it, because I got the message in german)
    no object in line xxx (it depends on the length of the site since the IE is not able to say the right line of an JS error).

    So I did take a look at the JS Code which is included in my site from the plugin. but there’s no error.

    MY guess is, the problem is that you send the JS Code in iso-8859-1 but my site is in utf-8, this is a problem for the IE sometimes.

    Another small and not important prob is this:

    JS is case sensitive, the handler is called onload.

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  • Seems the Plugin has more JS Error.

    I have a lot of JS errors in my JS Error log, it says:
    st_go is not defined
    on many different lines, but all are from Firefox.
    This is annoying, because I use this log to see if my own scripts are fireing error, because I can’t test them in all Browsers on all System.

    I am not sure what the reason is, but it seems the Plugin loads every week another JS Source.
    <script src="<?php echo gmdate('YW'); ?>.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    and sometimes for some reason it didn’t load this script, but then the function you call:
    st_go({<?php echo stats_array($a); ?>});
    isn’t available and you get the error.

    well, since nobody reads or answers here, I guess it’s the best to deactivate the plugin.

    Hi! I happen to have some similar problem.

    I get a JS error in IE7 saying “Line 48, Char 3, Invalid Argument”.

    When I disable the WP Stats plugin, the error is gone.
    Looks like this comes from this code :

    <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

    and what follows… any idea?

    Well, I said it already, nobody care.
    They just have to change the scripts to utf-8 that’s all.

    I’ve seen many references to this problem, but not a solution. I would rather use WP Stats than some external stats, but aside from someone saying that you have to use “function st_go” instead of just “st_go”, the problem remains unacknowledged.

    I’m not a javascript programmer, so I’m not able to fix this myself. The fact that this reports as an error in FF leads me to believe the stats I’m getting are wrong, and that stats from FF users are probably not even being captured. Could someone please properly address this so I can have some confidence in the stats I’m seeing? This is a core feature of WP, after all.

    No, you misunderstood. Not you have to change something, the developers of wp-stat have to change their script.

    you can use this plugin only if you are using an iso-xxxx charset.

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