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  • I’ve got an idea for labels in the plugin.

    I would like to have a button for Display for the label field. It could turn it on or off for display. Some labels with the note field are not needed except when you are doing the conditional statements.

    If I used display:none in CSS, that would eliminate the space and the text from the label, but it should still be there for the conditional statements. What it would give me is the option to have the note on the left, right or centered. This would be good for a heading, for example, which could be in bold using html. This would also be good for the separator because it could extend across the whole form, if it didn’t have the label.

    Then I realized that I would have to store the value of the label’s visibility in the database. I assume you are storing those values in template_values, is that correct?

    It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. What do you think about it?


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  • Plugin Author hoffcamp


    I think I only halfway understand you. If you want to have a ‘blank’ label but still have something show up in the conditions editor, you can give the item a ‘nickname’ under form extra. Nicknames are only visible in the back end. This has come up before and I realize this setup is confusing. So that’s one issue.

    The labels are stored in the wp_fm_items table, just as a piece of text. The form display template decides what to do with that text, so nothing other than the label itself is stored in the database.

    If you want the labels to be positioned differently, by using CSS, you should change the ‘display position’ from ‘left’ to ‘top’. The reason is, the form is always a ‘ul’, but the left labelled version uses tables, where the other way just uses ‘label’ tags and then the input/select/whatever, so this gives you the freedom to put labels on the left, right, etc., same with the content. You can also put HTML in the Label fields in the form editor, and the ‘note’ item type, and use nicknames so you don’t have to see it on the data / conditions page.

    Thanks. The problem is that labels don’t show up in the “Form Extra” for Notes. So I can’t give them a nickname. The blank labels for Notes do show up in Conditions, so I can use them. I just have to remember the order in which they were created.

    I tried some html on the labels and it didn’t work. I put in code for italics on part of it and the result was no italics but red text. But then I have only tried this on the version using tables. I’ll try the other way and see what result I get.

    Thanks again. I think my biggest problem is that I have too many projects going at one time, but isn’t that the way it always is?


    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    I’ll add nicknames for the rest of the field types.


    Disregard what I said about the html on labels.

    Strange story. I thought I had the plugin working with multi site. When I checked my plugin directory the Form Manager was not there. (Keep in mind that I had forms and was modifying them, so everything looked fine.) I tried to go Network Admin and got the error message I initially told you about.

    I had to delete the plugin from the Content directory and make a few modifications to get my Multi Site back.

    I have set up a single version of WP 3.2.1 just to test the Form Manager plugin. So far it seems to be working.

    I edited the editformnn.php file and took the ‘note’ and ‘separator’ out of the ‘if’ statement. I left the ‘recaptcha’ in because I didn’t think I needed that. I assume that was the only file I needed to edit.

    I gave nicknames to the ‘note’ and ‘separator’ fields and they show in the Conditions now, so everything seems to be okay.

    I formatted the note labels with ‘h2’ and they show up that way in the Form Extra screen. That’s okay though. They don’t show up as ‘h2’ in my post because of the theme’s css. I’ll need to change that.

    The field labels in Submission Data show up with whatever styling I give them. I made them bold and that’s how they show up. I tested and made one of them ‘h2’ and it showed up that way also. I didn’t know if you meant for it to be like that.

    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    I think that is all you need to do as far as getting nicknames for notes. And I didn’t mean for the html in labels to render in the other back end sections, so in the update you will see the html itself for the labels. I’m still working on fixing the multisite bug.

    Thanks. Yes, I think getting multisite fixed is the biggest priority now.

    I’m going to try to develop some new templates for the plugin.

    This is already a great plugin and getting better all the time!


    Plugin Author hoffcamp


    I fixed the multisite error in 1.6.16. Also I added nicknames to all field types.



    Thanks. So far it is working fine.

    I haven’t tested everything but the only thing I’ve seen so far is cosmetic. The html tags show up in Submission Data and Form Extra. For example, I have <b>Do you like the forums?</b> as the title of one of my lists. It shows up that way on the label in Submission Data and under Item Label in Form Extra.

    Also I haven’t had any problems with it in MultiSite.


    I would like to have different title on every submited form.
    Exam. I would like use data from form-bar and Address field (nickname adr) and Post ID (nickname pID), so title of post would be:

    [ formdata form-bar pID.adr ] ?!

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