• Unfortunately the plugin is badly programmed and throws lots of exceptions when you start to debug. I bought the plugin and immediately encountered multiple problems:
    – after the years, there is still no documentation
    – appointments form works without selecting a date… support had access to staging enviroment, destroied this completely and then said the database must be corrupt and I have to install WordPress again… this is strange as all other plugins work perfectly, even the new appointment plugin, which I installed afterwards and even is free with great support !
    – appointments import does not work, support sent template but this did not work either, then no more response from support
    – appointment start times are not removed even if time has already gone by, it is not a time zone settings problem on my side, as the new plugin works without a problem

    There would be many more to mention. Sadly I bought the plugin and wasted over a month trying to fix and improve things with it, until I finally gave up.

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    Hi snow,

    Thank you for the feedback, and I’m sorry to hear about all the trouble you had. The majority of the items you mentioned are working correctly in the current version of the plugin. For example, you definitely should not be (and, in the current version of the plugin, are not) able to book without selecting a date. Also, the import process works correctly in the current version. Given this, and the fact that the example sheet provided to you didn’t work, it sounds quite apparent that there is probably a conflict with something else in your install.

    If that’s the case, normally we can deduce from where that conflict is stemming by just deactivating everything else and then re-activating other elements one by one until issues start happening. When we know what’s causing the conflict, then we can run specific tests.

    For example, let’s say it’s another plugin conflicting. We can start by seeing when you last updated that other plugin and/or asking you to try disabling/enabling specific things in that other plugin to find the specific feature that is conflicting.

    If it’s the theme that’s conflicting, normally there’s a JavaScript feature, such as an animation, that is the culprit. So, by running tests on specific features and options, we should be able to narrow that down.

    All of these are steps that our email support team would take to try and help resolve any issues. If that was not the case, perhaps there was some confusion or miscommunication on either or both ends. I’d be happy to forward this thread over to them and provide any extra info you have, and ask them to troubleshoot through the aforementioned steps, if that has not already been done.

    As for your mentioning of the premium version, discussion of pay/premium plugin versions is not allowed in these forums, so, if you have any specific queries or concerns relating to the premium version, please just send a follow-up email and we’ll get back to you there.

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    Hi Jay thank you for your reply. Unfortunately your support did not what you say they should do. I wish you would have been the one to reply. They had full access to my staging site and did not test these things.

    There is no need for anymore support as I uninstalled the plugin and use now another one, which woks fine and is fully documented and regularly updated.

    Best regards, snow

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