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  • Hi All,

    Wonderful upgrade! As aways a couple of wrinkles… When I auto upgrade the plugins they just vanish!

    I click to update my plugings, enter the FTP info, the files are created on the server in a wp-content/upgrade folder but are nested within themselves. ie wp-content/upgrade/akismet/akismet/FILES

    The files in the “plugins” folder are deleted, but nothing replaces them.

    What I see after clicking on the FTP screen is a long delay, then a white screen.

    After that I sigh and manually update the plugin! LOL! Is the problem in the nested folders?


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  • I’m just trying to figure out how to activate the auto-update feature! I just upgraded to 2.5, and I can’t find any mention of how to enable the auto-activate process. Any idea where I can find that info?

    @eric98975 i have a similar problem with the updater. It seems that it just deletes the old plugins before installing the new ones and since some of them fail because they are incompatible with wp 2.5 I am left without any of the versions so I have to login over ssh and install manually.

    @barrydt I don’t think there is such a feature to upgrade with no use interaction. you still have to click on that “upgrade” link for each plugin.

    I’m sure it’s me, but I have exactly the same question as Barrydt. My plugin management screen looks like this (partially):

    Plugin Version Description Status Action
    AskApache Password Protect 2.0 Adds Password Protection to your wp-admin directory. Options configuration panel By AskApache.
    Active Deactivate | Edit

    This plugin goes up to 3.5.1, so why is there no ‘outdated’ statement and where do I click to try one of those “automatic upgrades”?

    I still don’t have a clue. Could somebody please just tell me where 2.5 asks for automatic plugin updates? On the plugins page?
    And just to be sure, I believe that a plugin to do this is no longer required in 2.5?

    On the plugins page when a plugin update is available you will have two links one for download and the other for automatic update

    I’m sorry for keeping coming back to this issue, but what Mihai describes doesn’t show in any of my six WP installations. On the plugins page I only have: Plugin (the name) Version (the version) Description () Status (active/not active) Action ((de)activate/edit). That’s it. In 2.3.3 when an update was available, there was a line added to the bottom part of a plugin description, but there is nothing like that now. I know that I have outdated plugins, so that can’t be it.

    Do I have to activate something, what file could be uploaded incorrectly, do I have to have a look at some server settings? Whether or not the plugins widget is on the dashboard makes no difference and for the rest I have no idea what to try.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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