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    Hey all,

    I had some issues upgrading my plugin today (for the new release of WordPress 3.3) and although I got the updating issue figuredout, there’s still some really odd issue with the readme file.

    My readme file is valid (checked and double-checked), but for some reason, on the page in the repository for my plugin, it only shows the last paragraph. Twice. One looks like it’s being used as the description for the plugin, and a second time as the content for ALL sections.

    Also, I have a local testbed with an older version installed, and it’s not showing that the plugin needs an update – which if someone upgrades to WordPress 3.3 they *will* have to update or the plugin won’t work.

    Anyone know what gives here?

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  • …aaaaand nevermind. Of *course* immediately after I post this, I figure out what happened. When I copied the standard readme.txt file (and ‘ported my stuff into it) I forgot to change the template’s “=== Plugin Name Here ===” to my plugin’s name. Changed it, uploaded it, and BAM it all works now.


    Thank you for your time.

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