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  • Resolved NightL


    Just starting to notice some inconsistencies in a couple of sites when switching back and forth between Visual and Text view where the HTML layout does not remain preserved. (the “fix” is applied)

    I still use classic editor as my clients are used to that. My page editing remains firmly in Text view.

    Loved this plugin – is there likely to ever be an update?

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  • Plugin Author J-Ro


    What are you noticing specifically?

    I will do some thorough testing and make sure it is not a conflict going on. Which I should have done – my apologies. I wondered if after no update for so long that may have been an issue.

    The white space (line space) between tags disappearing after switch to Visual view then back to Text. The actual placement on different lines is still holding up though.

    Twenty Seventeen Theme – classic editor – latest WordPress

    This particular site didn’t have this issue until recently.

    Other websites – different themes – are fine.


    I will search for plugin conflicts and report back.

    Thank you for responding – I had wondered if this was abandoned.

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    Plugin Author J-Ro


    Gotcha — this plugin never preserved whitespace and due to how these editors work, can’t. So that shouldn’t be an expectation. But pretty much all actual semantic HTML (and therefore, display) should be preserved, and it should work with newer WP versions, at least in my testing.

    Found the issue – it was a setting with TinyMCE Advanced

    When the following is checked (turned on) it caused the issue – turned it off and all is OK

    Keep paragraph tags in the Classic block and the Classic Editor
    Stop removing <p> and <br> tags in the Classic Editor and show them in the Text tab. This will make it possible to use more advanced coding in the Text tab without the back end filtering affecting it much. However it may behave unexpectedly in rare cases, so test it thoroughly before enabling it permanently. Line breaks in the Text tab in the Classic Editor would still affect the output, in particular do not use empty lines, line breaks inside HTML tags or multiple <br> tags.

    my white line space between tags is preserved

    I thought your plugin was responsible for that – I certainly had installed it on all my websites over the years with that part of the consideration.

    Plugin Author J-Ro


    Good to know!

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