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    I’d like to translate the “See more” and “See less” strings. The page language is set to Swedish, but when I duplicate the German language files I found in /plugins/wd-facebook-feed/languages/ and rename them to ffwd-se_SE the translation doesn’t show up.

    How can I get these strings translated?

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  • Good news: this plugin already supports translation via translation platform. It’s here:
    Bad news is that nothing is translated yet, and the lang-pack will be created and automatically distributed only when 95% of the strings in the code have been translated. Currently, the plugin itself carries 226 strings, so some 215 ought to be translated (and validated) before this happens.

    There’s a stop-gap, though. If you translate what you want, then at the bottom of the page you may export that file as a po- or mo-file. You’ll need the mo file for the site.
    If you’ve got any questions (or when you want someone of the Swedish translation editors to have a quick look) then it would be great if you joined our Swedish Slack team and the channel #translations. Self-invite at

    One more thing: To get quickly up to speed and make fewer mistakes, you may want to read the style guide/getting started document for WordPress translations to Swedish. It’s here:

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    Thank you for the info! I’ll give it a go.

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    No luck. I translated the two strings and downloaded the .mo file. I uploaded it as /languages/plugins/ and /plugins/wd-facebook-feed/languages/ and it didn’t work. I’ve also tried the .po file and still the English shows up. Any ideas?

    Try the plugin “Say What”

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    That worked. Good enough for now. Thanks!

    Message to the developer of this plugin:
    Your plugin is not fully configured for translations to work.
    You should use wd-facebook-feed as the text-domain. (Today you seem to be using ffwd)
    You also need to declare this text-domain correctly in the plugin header.
    Since your Requires version is lower than WP 4.6 you also should make sure to load the text-domain correctly.

    I guess that something from this list is the core issue why the first attempts didn’t work for the original poster here.

    Further: Please have a look at what source strings you give to the translators.
    It looks as if you’re combining sub-strings in order to build sentences. That works brilliantly well, as long as you don’t translate anything. But many languages have a different structure. German, for instance, usually needs to put the words in a different order than English. But when you glue together various parts of sentences, then you’ll break that. (Also: It’s a nightmare for a translator to be forced to read all your code just to understand how you’re using a single word.)

    You also seem to be translating some words in singular and plural separately. Guess what: there are many languages that have way more complicated plural structures than English. Russian, for instance, needs three versions, and the singular is used not only for 1, but also for 21, 31, 101…
    If you use _n() correctly, then this will just work. (However, if you actually consume these translations in a javascript somewhere, then we still don’t have the full structure ready yet to handle plurals correctly.)

    hi @tobifjellner,

    thank you very much for your feedback. We are aware of these issues and will improve translations ASAP.

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