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  • Hi,

    very nice plugin for a lot of people and seems to work like it should but you should write about for which versions of WordPress and SMF the Plugin works.

    Because of the SMF API its 1.X and not the upcoming 2.0 Release of SMF which has no released API so far because (i think) its handled in SMF directly (2.0)

    just to give users the hint for which versions your nice bridge work 🙂

    have a nice day


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  • Thank Chris:)

    The description will be clarified in no time:)

    thanks for changing it 🙂

    looking forward if there will ever be a smf2.0 bridge 😉

    have a really nice weekend!


    Sorry guys but I really can’t fix my problem!!
    Wp 2.9.2 fresh install and SMF 1.1.11 fresh install too.
    I tried the version 1.0 and 1.1 of this plugin.

    For both installation I have the same database.

    When I log with the admin account I don’t have any problems, but if I try to log in wordpress with an user account I am redirect to the backend section (ok), but if I press for example “My profile” or “Dashboard” I am redirected to the wordpress login screen every action I do.

    Tried with: IE7/8, Chrome, Opera, Safari, FF2/3….same result for all!!

    Hello _OMEGA_

    May be it is one of these faults, after you install:

    1. If you login with an account that doesn’t not exists in SMF, you can not logged in.

    2. The URL of smf and wp is not on the same domain. Plug-in can not verified your SMF cookies, then you will be logged our for security.

    Does it also link the profiles?

    For example, if I change my email in wordpress, does it change it in SMF?

    If I get promoted to Moderator in SMF do I get promoted in WP too?

    Unfortunately, the answer is no!
    In order to avoid conflict, only username and password is synced from SMF to WP, and only from SMF to WP. And Admin have to promote manually in WP!

    Is it possible to convert current users from SMF to wordpress? I know it says to have a new installation but I already have members on SMF.

    Sorry double post, O.K I found out you just have to login to get the account created, sorry.

    But when I log out in SMF it doesn’t log out in WordPress. And sometimes it doesn’t log out of SMF from WordPress.

    Seems like I’ve run into serious trouble while trying to diagnose some access issues.. While I’ve experimented with turning various plugins on and off to see which one is causing conflict, after turning off smf2wp I cannot access the control panel from ANY of the existing accounts, INCLUDING admin accounts 🙁 . I guess I’ll have to drill around the database with phpmyadmin, but please tell me what exactly do I have to do to regain control of my WordPress installation?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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