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  • Hey all,

    In SidePosts, I have several different widgets set in the right column on my site ( That’s because I don’t want all the postings to show up consecutively; I need the ads on the page to show up in between them.

    But it also means when I post new articles that are assigned to the categories in the SidePosts widgets, I have to manually move the widget with the newest article to the top of the column and move the others down in the column. That’s fine when I’m in front of my computer, but not when I’m looking to automatically set articles to publish.

    I’m looking for a fix. Some ideas:

    – Is there code I can add to SidePosts that will allow me to set each SidePosts widget to the same category, but have each widget (starting with the top) shows a different article from that category (the newest at the top, and then on down)?

    – Is there code I can add to SidePosts widget that would allow me to have one Sideposts widget on the side with all the articles in it and ads showing up in between them? The ads on my site are put into the system manually by me, they’re not ads from Google or another service.

    – Is there another plugin that will allow me to set the timing of the automatic re-arranging of the widgets on my site?

    – Is there another fix I’m not thinking of?


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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