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  • Hi,

    After I’ve updated to WordPress 3.1 (RC2), I noticed that Sensitive Tag Cloud stopped working.

    I dug into the code and changed a few things and now it seems to run fine again. – Here is what I changed:

    function stc_widget

    if( !empty($queryvars['tag_slug__and']) )
          $searchtags = array_merge( $searchtags, $queryvars['tag_slug__and'] );

    changed to

    if( !empty($queryvars['tag']) )
          $searchtags = array_merge( $searchtags, explode('+', $queryvars['tag']) );

    function stc_get_tag_link

    $taglink = str_replace('%tag%', $slugs, $taglink);
    		$taglink = get_option('home') . user_trailingslashit($taglink, 'category');

    changed to

    $taglink = str_replace('%post_tag%', $slugs, $taglink);
    		$taglink = get_option('home') . '/'. user_trailingslashit($taglink, 'category');

    function stc_get_tag_link_slugs

    $stc_get_tag_link_slugs_cache['slugs_and'] =

    changed to

    $stc_get_tag_link_slugs_cache['slugs_and'] =
        explode('+', get_query_var('tag'));


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  • Hmm, this could also be a bug in WordPress 3.1-RC2 rather than a permanent change.


    Have you managed to make it work?

    I’m setting the option “Restricted to current tag” ON.

    And it stopped working on 3.1… 🙁

    I’ve tried your changes but without results…


    Hey…After all your solution works.
    I’ve tried again and it’s fine…I think.

    But needed to upgrade to 3.1.2. Apparently 3.1.1 had some problem with the tag query terms..






    Have you got SensitiveTagCloud working in the latest version of WP 3.2.1 by any chance? I’ve installed it and set options, but the cloud isn’t even showing up. I’m using custom post types and a custom tag taxonomy, but I presume it should work with anything labeled tag, yea?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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