• Can’t see anything about allocating role permissions, is the plugin “administrator” only?

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  • Hi,

    Permissions for?

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    The “Post SMTP Email Log” functionality for a non administrator role user e.g. where a site has an “Editor” or custom role such as “Site Administrator”. This allows someone other than an administrator to manage sent emails etc.


    don’t have this feature and never asked for this feature.

    Can I ask why do you need that?

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    No problem.

    The reason is where a WordPress site use different roles for administrative tasks e.g.:

    administrator – full access
    Editor – editor access + Post SMTP access (to manage logs)

    It turns out that a capability already exists within the plugin -> manage_postman_smtp.

    This could be improved by adding a “manage_postman_logs” capability that allowed access to the logs area only (not the plugin settings).

    You lucky, you caught me while adding a new feature to next release.

    I just finished adding what you asked, with a plugin like ‘user role editor’ you can assign the ‘manage_postman_logs’ cap to any role you want.

    BUT… wait for next release, coming soon ….

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    Fantastic 🙂

    I use role editor (sometimes pro) on my sites and this is how I found the “manage_postman_smtp” capability.

    look forward to the next release!!

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