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  • Could everyone that makes plugins PLEASE either put your readme.txt (or read_me.txt) file INSIDE your plugin’s folder or else name it pluginname_readme.txt?

    So many zip files ask to overwrite readme.txt or read_me.txt that it’s hard to keep track of the “important” information supposedly inside this file…

    It doesn’t seem like much to ask and it seems a logical thing for a developer to know to do. Don’t you think?

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  • Dear syncbox. This will never happen.
    You don’t need to have the readme.txt files in the plugins directory on the server.

    Everytime I download any ZIP or other type of package, I unpack it into its on newly created directory/folder.
    That way you never get any conflicts. After having a look through the readme.txt, I upload only the file I need to the server and keep my local directory for reference.

    How about that ?

    That’s what I do as well, petit. However, some people do extract plugin zip (or whatever) files directly on their server, which makes it a bit of a problem for them.

    That’s true Kaf, and syncbox, you have point there. It would be a good thing to have all the readme files in the plugins directory too. I just don’t think we can persuade all plugin authors to adhere to a standard of, say “myplugin_readme.txt”, which would of course be a nice thing to have.

    I typically unpack into the plugins folder so that I

    a) have the zip file there in case something gets corrupted and I need a new set of files (don’t want to have to go get it again)
    b) I extract per the author’s suggestions and this is where the issue exists. Why do plugin authors’ assume their readme file is the only one?
    c) not all plugin authors place their readme file inside a folder with the other plugin files.

    It’s just a suggestion. By doing something like geoposition_readme.txt as opposed to readme.txt, I KNOW which file goes with which php file. Seems logical to me to prefix your files with the plugin or author name (or some combo of both) to prevent exactly this kind of problem. Keeps the files closer together in the directory, too.

    I completely agree 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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