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  • I am not able to activate the Popularity contest plugin with my WordPress version 2.6, although I:

    1. got the latest version of the plugin
    2. tried the hack
    3. tried to build the database tables before activating

    On my other blogs, where I installed the Popularity contest plugin, I had no problem reactivating it after the upgrade. It is only with this one, that I started directly with Worpdress 2.6, that I have problems.

    It says:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    This is very vague, I don’t know where to start to resolve the bug. Help, please? =)

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  • I have same error when i upgrade WP 2.5 to WP 2.6.

    same error here.

    I found this topic. Read this. This work to me.

    I’ve just installed WP 2.6 for a new blog, but cannot get Popularity Contest to work. I tried the hacks (modifying the require directory on line 59, setting up the database tables first) mentioned in the topic that hpguru links to above, as well as downloading altered versions of popularity contest that already have those hacks, but no luck. I also downloaded the modified version of the plugin from the second link listed by roshanbh above. No mater what I always get the message:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Are there other solutions out there for getting this plugin to work with WP 2.6?

    Hi wordriz
    I got the same problem… almost a year now.. but this version of the popularity contest plugin has been updated, check it out.

    This version of pop contest works just fine with wordpress 2.6 and 2.6.1

    I have gotten the plug in to work but it will only show the most popular list and not any other.

    I am trying to make a top 100 DJ list with my blog. I want to uses the Popularity to create a page the page dynamically.

    I can get the it to show the top 100 post but for some reason it is not showing by categories or by year, etc like you have on the admin side. I would really just like to have the whole dashboard page open to the public other then having to login. any suggestions on that or just getting the categories to work on the public side.

    i have listed the code that I am using below. but like I said only the most popular page code is working all the others doing work or show up!

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I am currently using wordpress 2.6.1 and the lastet version of popularity from your site.
    <?php if (( (is_home()) or (is_single()) or (is_page()) or (is_search() or (is_404()) or ($notfound == ‘1’))) && (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular’))) { ?>
    <h2>Popular Posts</h2>

      <?php akpc_most_popular(100); ?>

    <?php } ?>
    <?php if ((is_archive() && is_month()) && (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_month’))) { ?>
    <h2>Most Popular Posts of <?php the_time(‘F Y’); ?></h2>

      <?php akpc_most_popular_in_month(); ?>

    <?php } ?>
    <?php if ((is_category()) && (function_exists(‘akpc_most_popular_in_cat’))) { ?>
    <h2>Most Popular Posts in ‘<?php single_cat_title(); ?>'</h2>

      <?php akpc_most_popular_in_cat(); ?>

    <?php } ?>

    try w-popularity, which i am now using and is based on popularity contest and seems to me to function identically except that it still works in recent WP versions (I believe I am on the most recent version 2.6 or 2.7 or something).

    I didn’t have any luck with that. Can you comfirm your WP version? My version is 2.6.2, and w-popularity is having a fatal error as is popularity contest.

    Same with me, fatal error on both.



    As @roshanbh pointed out:

    100 thank you comments can’t be wrong 😉

    don’t install the whole folder, just the one php file it tells you to.

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