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  • It’s not missing, the plugin file searches in the wrong map. Just change these lines:

    $path = "../wp-content/plugins/ourprogress/images/"; (line 93)


    $path = "../wp-content/plugins/fundraising-thermometer-plugin-for-wordpress/images/";


    echo '<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="'. get_bloginfo('wpurl').'/wp-content/plugins/ourprogress/images/'.$theme.'/style.css" />' . "\n"; (line 169


    echo '<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="'. get_bloginfo('wpurl').'/wp-content/plugins/fundraising-thermometer-plugin-for-wordpress/images/'.$theme.'/style.css" />' . "\n";

    That will do the trick.

    Hi guys, sorry about that. It was completely my fault, I had uploaded the repair to WP a month ago but hadn’t updated the SVN properly so it wasn’t fixed.

    The new download (0.2.9) has the new path functioning properly.

    I have this on a site here — — and it keeps on reverting to 0. I have changed it a number of times and it seem to work temporarily — then later on something happens and it goes back to 0. Have any of you seen this or know what could be interfering here?


    Having the same problem as relish. I’m on 2.7.1

    same problem here on 2.7.1!

    keeps reverting back to zero and the default theme.

    also, the mercury bar doesn’t quite line up to the amount its supposed to.

    please help!!!

    Anyone figured out how to get the thermometer and the lines to add up correctly?

    I also have this issue, and can’t seem to figure it out — I will post back if we fix it.

    I have figured out a workaround for anyone else interested — I didn’t want to toy with things too much, so I just went into the Plugin Editor and changed the default numbers to my fundraising goal and current progress… and where it said “default” for the theme (in two places) — I update this to default-green and it’s now working great as a workaround. Not the easy, GUI interface I would have preferred but at least I can make it live today and figure out the issue later.

    If you need help sorting that out let me know — here’s the code you are looking for:

    function show_ourprogress_graphic() {
    	if(get_option("ourprogressmax")) 		{$max = get_option("ourprogressmax");} else {$max = "100";}
    	if(get_option("ourprogressprogress")) 	{$current = get_option("ourprogressprogress");} else {$current = 0;}
    	if(get_option("ourprogressformat")) 	{$format = get_option("ourprogressformat");} else {$format = "$%(#10n";}
    	if(get_option("ourprogresstheme")) 		{$theme = get_option("ourprogresstheme");} else {$theme = "default";}

    and one more location for default:

    function addHeaderCode() {
    	if(get_option("ourprogresstheme")) 		{$theme = get_option("ourprogresstheme");} else {$theme = "default";}

    Hope this helps, it’s definitely a workaround until someone can look at the code in more detail

    Is there anyway to make the image smaller?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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