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  • This plugin does not appear to be compatible with the newest version of WordPress. I had used the plugin in the past, and it quit working.
    I did a complete fresh install, since I observed the new version is very different from the older versions.

    The initial page works, but the display formatting is weird (almost as if css isn’t being applied), and when I try to sort by first name, or last name, or do any kind of search, it breaks as though the code has died – it doesn’t even finish loading the page.

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  • Plugin Author ternstyle


    Can you submit a link to the page or demo page displaying your issues?

    Thread Starter dwlorimer


    Test Page

    Please note that I’m actively testing this page, so your results may be different if any significant amount of time has passed.

    I figured out part of the problem. The plugin is not fully PHP 7+ compatible.

    Line 643 in class/members.php should be
    return mysqli_real_escape_string($s);
    (It is still using mysql_real_escape_string(), which is deprecated)

    Searching does not work in PHP 7+ unless that change is made.

    I updated that line, and stopped getting the 500 errors that I was getting, but you will observe that the search still does not work.
    The zipcode search works. But the regular search and the alphabetized click list always return all results.

    Plugin Author ternstyle


    Thank you for tracking down the issue with PHP 7+.

    I can see the searching and filtering is not working. This is normally due to the query parameters being filtered out of the REQUEST $_GET data somehow. Can you confirm the variables specified in the URL are available to the plugin?

    Thread Starter dwlorimer


    Ok, I figured it out. It’s all related to that mysqli_real_escape_string($s);

    You can’t use mysqli without a mysqli_connect(), and there isn’t one. Since it processes the search parameters, they weren’t coming back.

    Note that you also use mysql_real_escape_string() in class/forms.php on line 116 and 117.

    For now, I’ve solved my problem by changing
    Line 643 in class/members.php to
    return addslashes($s);

    It’s not the exact same thing, but it seems to be working fine.

    Thread Starter dwlorimer


    I’ve moved the test page back behind our users-only limitation.
    If you need it for something, please let me know.

    We can consider this topic resolved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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