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  • First of all, thank you very much for this plugin. I’ve been looking for this the last few days and none of the ones I tried worked at all, until I found this one.

    Having said that, I have some issues when using it on a multi site installation. Haven’t tried it on a normal installation.

    First of all, when activating it network wide, it doesn’t work. I cannot add a new gallery. It doesn’t give me an error message, but the new gallery just doesn’t appear in the list. This is not a very big issue, since I can activate it on a per site base.

    When activating it on an individual sub site, I can add a new gallery and new images and the slideshow seems to work fine. However, I encountered a few issues, of which I don’t know if they are multi site related or also occur in a single site install:

    1. I cannot delete images. When I click delete it says “URL not found”.
    2. The images don’t appear in the media library. The files are uploaded in the correct though.
    3. When deactivating the plugin and activating it again, all galleries and images disappeared.
    4. When going to the setting page before creating your first caroussel, it gives a blank page. This is confusing. A small suggestion would be to either hide the setting page when there is no caroussel, or display a message when there is no caroussel.

    As I’ve said, I haven’t tried it on a single site installation yet. If these issues are to be fixed, this can become a great plugin. You probably already have a load of plans for future improvement, but nonetheless here are a few things that could need improvement:
    – the styling of the admin area
    – image management (rearrange images)
    – styling options for the slider

    Again, thanks for this plugin!

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  • I’ve found two more bugs in multi site:
    1. I cannot add a link to an image. It gives “Requested URL not found.” This is probably the same problem as the one with the delete button and I guess it is multi site related.
    2. When hovering the slider it stops sliding and afterwards continues again. This is perfect. However, when using the navigation buttons it also stops sliding but does not continue again.

    Also, when leaving the link field empty, it creates a link to the homepage, which opens in a new window. Two suggestion here:
    – give the option to not have a link at all
    – give the option to have the link opened in the same window instead of a new window.

    (Hope you don’t mind me giving you all these suggestions and multi site related troubles.)


    I found a solution (well kinda).
    You need to go into the multicarousel.php file and find 2 instances of:

    success: function(html) {
           window.location.replace("<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>");

    and replace the ‘success’ with ‘complete’ like so:

    complete: function(html) {
           window.location.replace("<?php echo $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']; ?>");

    Also what i then did was deleted some of the error checking, i replaced:

    alert('You are offline!!\n Please Check Your Network.');
    }else if(x.status==404){
    alert('Requested URL not found.');
    }else if(x.status==500){
    alert('Internel Server Error.');
    }else if(e=='parsererror'){
    alert('Error.\nParsing JSON Request failed.');
    }else if(e=='timeout'){
    alert('Request Time out.');
    }else {
    alert('Unknow Error.\n'+x.responseText);



    Hope this help!

    Plugin Author dhananjaysingh


    hi guys,

    i had only checked plugin on single installation not on multi site installation.
    and on single site it working fine with all functionality.
    in next release i will also check it on multi site installation too.

    i am sorry for your troubles, when i was developing this plugin i had forgotten that it can also be used on multi site…

    in next release i will make it multi site compatible….

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