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    I set up to try your plugin but found a problem with the code generated for galleries in a page. For instance:


    I pinpointed the problem to a quote escaping problem on mudslideshow.php function muds_gallery. When assigning the variable $updatelink bogus <br /> were being inserted in the javascript for the onclick attribute of the generated a tag.

    The obvious solution was to convert said javascript into a one-liner and replace quotes with the corresponding entity &quot;. The result is somewhat less legible, but it works on my server:

    $updatelink = "<div id='throbber-msspage$rand' class='throbber-off'><a style='cursor : pointer;' id='mss-update-$rand' onclick='var aux = document.getElementById(&quot;throbber-msspage$rand&quot;);aux.setAttribute(&quot;class&quot;, &quot;throbber-on&quot;);aux.setAttribute(&quot;className&quot;, &quot;throbber-on&quot;);muds_update( &quot;gallery&quot;, {$aux['id']},&quot;{$aux['type']}&quot;, &quot;{$aux['user']}&quot;, &quot;{$aux['gallery']}&quot;, $first, $last, $conf, $rand );'>".__('Update','mudslide')."</a></div>";

    I have noticed other problems (i.e.: including descriptions in galleries seem to break them, skipping random images), but with this tiny fix I can use your plugin. Thank you for your effort!

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