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  • nice! Im going to check this out. I never got the asides to work the way I wanted them too

    err. forgot to ask. Do we need matts Asides for this to work>?

    hi BauB. Good job you did on this! I already included it on my which is sort of a blog where i am momentarily just testing all the plugins that you great guys write. looks good so far but i recognized that my quicktags don’t work with it anymore. need to check this…
    (error: savebutton has no properties,
    the error code: var submitp = savebutton.parentNode;)

    Pretty nice plugin BauB, would there be anyway to integrate comments so that people could leave comments like the actual asides? That would be great.

    Another little thing I would like to see is the ability to choose descending or ascending for lists, date is fine, but I would like to have them descending so the most recent post is on top.

    Strike that last comment, the ability is already there I just overlooked it. Doh!

    7milesdown: No. This plugin is a standalone plugin.

    whizky: what are quicktags? I noticed that I don’t have the aside content getting filters. If there’s a way to do this, please let me know, but I know of none right now.

    shawng77: the commenting was something that I thought was too much. It would require me to figure out how to create single pages (using the theme’s template and all) to show the aside and trick WordPress into thinking the Asides are actual posts. This would create the problem of excluding the asides from the index, which adds a lot of queries that (imo) aren’t necessary.

    I could take another approach and have the user save the template (would be saved as an option) and then I might be able to get something going. Or I could just use a popup, negating everything I just said yet still keeping a clean design without using any templates.

    Just a note on Miniblog: I went (when I used a collection of hacks and other plugins to do the same thing) from 111 queries on my index to 22ish. This was the main reason I wrote it. 22 queries on one page is high, but 111 was just absurd.

    The plugin that caused the most queries was the category visibility plugin (which is great btw, but adds too many queries for my taste).

    BauB: That is understandable. Valid points. Nice plugin nonetheless, and I’m using it right now. Would it be possible to have an rss feed for this? Or some way of an archive system?

    Good idea shawng77. I’ll take it into consideration for the next major version (as well as the comment thing).

    whizky: version 0.1.1 filters your content through ‘the_content’s filters, so I think that should fix your problem… actually, checking out your actual problem, I see the problem.

    It seems that quicktags won’t work with anything but the official write page. If anyone knows of a way to get this working, please say so.

    @baub: well, i also get by without the quicktags… ain’t too lazy typing 😉
    it’s a cool plugin!

    Is there anyway to control the number of text display, the reader can click on the “read more” Very nice plugin,

    It can’t take them to a single page (I don’t even know if this is possible with WordPress plugins), but you can use PHP’s substring function to shorten the entry text. After that you could use some fancy CSS to show the rest on rollover or something. Or perhaps some javascript tricks.

    Needless to say, I’ve added this to the todo list.

    Thanks is working great on my site. Yes, i see what they said about the quicktags. they are not working. nonetheless, this is what I’ve been looking for! Thanks again!

    BTW< you might want to consider at least one default entry. I got errors at first when I added the code without an entry posted yet. When I added the first entry everything cleared up.

    Thanks for the suggestion 7milesdown. A way to fix the problem would be to add an if(is_array($your_var_array)) { before the foreach and an } after it. I will fix this problem next release by having it return an empty array if there aren’t any entries.

    I just released Miniblog 0.1.5 that adds quicktag support and some other things.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 129 total)
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