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  • anyone know about a plugin to organize the list of plugins. Ive simply got to many and would like to categorize them!

    HImi’s just doesn’t work on wp 3.3 πŸ™

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  • Is this the only one that is in development? I have a wp install that I use to test plugins and gee – its really getting unwieldily. I’d really value being able to easily sort – by drag and drop (just imagine) plugins into groups – display by tabs anything – plugin-organizer is a step in the right direction but dosen’t quite make it easy enough.

    Havent found a good jquery plugin for making table rows draggable. jquery-draggable doesnt work on table elements and the whole plugin admin page is laid out in tables. My intent has been to make it drag and drop but theres no way to do it that I’ve found.

    After writing that yesterday I came across tableDnD. It works but I’m not sure what kind of browser support it has. I’m working on a new version that uses drag and drop on the plugin admin page. I’m going to get that released and then I’ll work on the display for plugin groups. Was thinking of adding links for the different groups like the built in links for Active and Inactive at the top of the page. Will hopefully release the new version tomorrow. Maybe today if I have enough time to finish it and get it tested.

    So I had started working on this last night and turns out I had nothing else to work on this morning so I finished the coding and tested it in Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari, and Chrome. Everything looks good. Even in IE compatibility mode. Please download the new version and let me know if this is closer to what you were looking for.

    Wow, that’s fantastic. I’ll give it a spin tomorrow!

    wow, ya, really amazing, this is gona be a hugely popular plugin!!
    and yes, would be awesome to also (maybe this is another feature altogether though) be able to make custom groups that would ya, show at the top next to inactive, active, dropsins for example. Then could make one for admin plugins, analytical plugins, etc.

    πŸ™‚ super work, thanks so much!

    @ Jeff

    Vast improvement there. No bugs so far that I can tell.
    Shifting the order effects the load order correct? Its not just a visual organisation.
    — You may want to add a touch of text next to the arrows to indicate that shifting them affects load order. something as simple as ‘load order’ in small grey text.

    For me, I’d be really keen to see some better UI with groups. I second petergus’s request for tabs (i think that’s what he’s asking for) on the main plugin’s page. But further it would be great if you incorporate drag and drop between group headings on the /wp-admin/admin.php?page=PO_Groups page. It is so difficult at the moment to manage and create new groups.

    Possible workflow:
    Position one:(PO_Groups page Top) User creates groups using your ‘create group’ field.
    Position two a: Groups appear as headings in abc order at the top of the general plugin list.
    Position two b: The pool of installed plugins appears in an area just below the headings – by default this is the ‘general’ group
    — users after creating group headings, will drag and drop plugins from the general group into the appropriate group heading above.
    — add the plugin description to the plugin row – often times plugins have weird names and I cant remember what plugin does what from the name alone.

    — the group headings apear as tabs (or a dropdown list as it could get too long for tabs) on the top of the main plugins page wp-admin/plugins.php (as per petergus’s comment).

    — the load order of all plugins is managed as you have it now on the main plugins page, with the tabs

    If you’ve ever used a small CMS called indexhibit they use a very similar UI in the admin to control the order of pages in the front end menu.

    Was just looking further into the URL Admin and Global plugins.

    Arbitrary url admin –
    Aren’t we usually wanting to apply all the general plugins to a page and omit only the ones that shouldn’t apply? Perhaps all the ticks should be active by default, and we unselect the ones we dont need. Having a ‘tick all’ box would be good too- just like the plugin’s page currently.

    But in the long run check me here, do I have this right — Global Plugins and Arbitrary Url Admin are really two sides of the same coin no? One applies collections of plugins to the same URL –– the other isolates plugins from being applied to all urls. If so, there has to be a way to cleanly roll this functionality into the same interface.

    Load order page:
    Unless Im mistaken you can nix this now that you’ve got drag and drop working – correct? πŸ™‚

    Tabs are going to be really hard to implement. I’m currently working on some new functionality for the next version that will have a button and drop down list of groups by the save order button. You just check the boxes next to the plugins you want to add and click Add to Group to add plugins to a group. Similar to the bulk actions drop down. I wanted to add options to the bulk actions but it currently doesnt work. It will also have the ability to create new groups from the plugin admin page.
    The Global Plugins page and Arbitrary Url Admin should be kept seperate in my opinion. They really handle 2 different aspects that cant be rolled together.
    I’m thinking I will get rid of the old admin pages once I get the group admin worked into the plugin admin page. I think I will release the next version with that finished and then the load order and the group admin pages are no longer needed so I will work on taking them out.

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