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  • Great, now what? I have to migrate a blogger to wordpress and the plugin is outdated and has been for almost a year so how do I accomplish this now? Is there another plugin that works the same way? I’ve never done this before and it’s already an issue before I even get started, figures. Can someone please advise as how to do this?


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    Hi Lisa,
    what do you mean by outdated, is there something specifically not working for you?

    The last version was released over a year ago and I have made some updates to it since then to deal with specific issues, the latest beta can be seen here.

    There’s a long list of updates in the readme for that.

    = 0.6 =
    * Fixed issue with drafts not being imported in the right state
    * Added extra error handling for get_oauth_link to stop blank tokens being sent to the form
    * Restructured code to keep similar steps in single function
    * Re-incorporated the “congrats” function and provided a sensible list of what to do next
    * Add a geo_public flag to posts with geotags
    * Dropped _normalize_tag after confirming that it’s handled by SimplePie
    * Added image handling
    * Added setting author on images
    * Added error handling in get_oauth_link() as suggested by daniel_henrique ref
    * Added a check for OpenSSL as suggested by digitalsensus
    * Fixed issue with SimplePie santizer not getting set in WordPress 3.5
    * Added filter for the congrats function ‘blogger_importer_congrats’ so other plugins can add in new options
    * Converted manual HTML table to WP_LIST_TABLE
    * Moved inline Javascript to separate file to aid debugging and testing
    * Wrapped data sent to Javascript in I18n functions.
    * Fixed timeout error in the Javascript, timeouts were not being used.
    * Supress post revisions when importing so that DB does not grow
    * Added processing of internal links
    * Added uninstall.php to remove options on uninstall
    * Added a timeout value to all of the wp_remote_get calls as people have reported timeout issues
    * Added a setting to control the large images downloaded from blogger.
    * Stopped logging all the post and comment IDs in arrays and storing in option

    There’s a couple of reasons this has not been officially released.

    1) An outstanding display issue for when the importer is processing links and images
    2) I’ve not actually been able to contact any of the WordPress team with regards getting this into the repository.



Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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