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Plugin inserts jQuery

  • Is there any way to determine which plugin is inserting jQuery of it’s own accord? I’ve disabled plugins to no avail, and the version it’s including is stopping various bits and pieces from functioning.

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  • try going into the file manager on your hosting and make your way to the plugins folder and then look through the contents of each plugin folder and find the versions of jQuery and see which is the out of date one. either that or check the plugins repository to make sure that all your plugins are compatible with your version or wp. if they’re not all compatible then that could be the issue…

    I should probably have been more specific. Whatever is including jQuery into the head is linking directly to jQuery’s CDN for the latest version, it’s not being hosted locally. I’m having issues with Jetpack’s carousel not working and from what I can see it’s down to the version of jQuery breaking the carousel. Having said that, I would be surprised if the latest version caused problems, I would have thought it would have only struggled with older versions of jQuery.

    stick a link to your site in so we can see the code… 🙂

    good shout! it’s http://www.lamaisondespetitsgateaux.co.uk (yes, i know the url is ridiculous, not my choice)

    so what’s not actually working on the site? i’ve had a nose about and a dig in to the head code and it all seems to be working…

    Images in posts/pages etc are meant to load in Carousel’s lightbox, not open in another page. It’s best described here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/jetpack-carousel-not-working?replies=7

    do you have any other image handling plugins installed? things like lightboxes or gallery features…

    These are my currently active plugins:

    • Akismet
    • Bad Behavior
    • Contact Form 7
    • Gallery Metabox
    • HTML Page Sitemap
    • Jetpack by WordPress.com
    • Jetpack Extras by BarryCarlyon
    • Manual Control for Jetpack
    • Mini Mail Dashboard Widget
    • Page Lists Plus
    • WordPress SEO
    • WP-PageNavi

    I’ve been through and disabled each in turn, and none of them cause the script line to disappear

    hold that thought. are you using the very latest version of wp?

    yup, 3.5.1

    if you’re using the latest version of wp, 3.5.1, the following plugins are either not compatible with 3.5.1 or in the cases of the two marked with an X totally out of date and no longer developed or supported.

    BB 3.4.2
    gall met 3.4.2
    html page sitemap X
    JP xtra 3.4.2
    manual control 3.3.2
    page lists plus X
    wp page-navi 3.4.2

    deactivating them sin’t enough, you’ll need to delete them completely. go into your hosting cpanel file manager and in the plugins folder delete these plugins and see if that does the job.

    Removed the plugins you mentioned, no joy.

    try clearing your browsers cache and refreshing the page…

    aha! i didn’t realise deactivating wasn’t enough. It doesn’t make Jetpack’s carousel work, but it has removed that rogue script. Will have to find another way to lightbox photos methinks.

    at the very least you now know it wasn’t those plugins but keep them off your site and find better up to date alternatives.

    the problem seems to be with jetpack and the way it’s handling images. try deactivating and reactivating jetpack now those plugins are gone…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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