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[Resolved] [Plugin: Imsanity] Multisite support

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  • Plugin Author Jason


    I have it running on mine and was able to do that using Network Activate in the plugins section. Did you try that?

    I think you misunderstand. I have it running and it works great but each site in a multisite installation has it’s own settings. I was wondering if there could be an option for universal settings.

    Plugin Author Jason


    ah yea they each have their own settings. if you know of any other plugins that work that way (one settings page for all sites) then send a link my way and I’ll try to see how it is done.

    One that I am using is Stop Spammer Registrations. In a multisite installation the settings are on the Super Admin page an give the option of a settings control only on the “main blog”.

    Plugin Author Jason


    interesting. i don’t really like the way they hard-coded in the site id = 1. I suppose it works most of the time, but it seems a bit fragile to rely on the site id.

    i definitely imagined this plugin being useful for enforcement on a multi-site install, though. I’m going to think of another way to do this. My current idea is to create a config file which if it exists in a certain location Imsanity will use that for settings instead of showing the options page on each site.

    The down-side of that is that you have to edit the settings in a file instead of a nice GUI, but for a network install it seems like it might be OK. The config file would likely be incredibly simple to understand.

    While a config file would work…clearly not ideal.

    Is there any way to force the settings only to show up under the same Network Admin Settings tab as settings for the plugin and just not display that for any other site.

    The other plugin seems to display a settings under Network Admin Settings but also under the Settings tab for the main blog. How about only under the Network Admin?

    Plugin Author Jason


    there definitely is but i don’t currently know the hooks for multi-site plugins. if anybody want’s to contribute code i’d be glad to put it in. I definitely think it’s a feature worth including due to the nature of the plugin

    As I’ve never written a plugin, I’m not sure trying to cut my teeth on a multisite plugin is the best way to start. A quick bit of googling found me these.

    Write a Plugin for WordPress Multisite

    Override WordPress Plugin Options for All Sites in MultiSite

    I hope it’s a little helpful. Also, while the idea of hardcoding site id = 1 seems bad, it does seem to work.

    I also found some interesting info in this Events Manager plugin.

    From that plugin’s developer a post called Multisite, be sure to look at the end of the post. It seems as if this should be possible.

    Plugin Author Jason


    cool thanks. i’ll check them out. the biggest issue is really finding the time to learn and understand the mechanics. to many projects, not enough time!

    One more vote for this feature request 🙂

    Plugin Author Jason


    the mult-site feature is definitely coming, I have it nearly working. it’s been a bit tricky because multi-site doesn’t get as much attention so there’s not as much good info out there. The next update will have a page in the “network settings” area for setting server-wide settings & prevent individual sites from overriding them.

    Plugin Author Jason


    I’ve added this feature into version 2.0.0. On the Network configuration page under “settings” there is an Imsanity Network Settings page.

    This allows you to set the configuration for the entire server and they cannot be changed on a per-site basis. The site settings page will show a message indicating that settings have been configured by the server admin.

    I’d appreciate any feedback. I’ve only tested on the latest version of WordPress. I don’t know if I will provide support for this feature on versions prior to 3.0 when WordPress MU was a separate application.

    Hello and thank you for an excellent plugin.
    And I must add that I admire your determination on it. 🙂

    I want to try it out on a multisite environment but there are a couple of things I want to ask first.

    1. What happens if some blogs have their own media size settings altered on their site?
    2. A quite common situation is domain mapping. Would the sites have any issues with such a configuration?

    Thank you in advance

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