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  • Can you elaborate more? I’m a little confused by what you’re saying.

    Are you seeing this fluctuation in the dashboard widget,, or both? How big of a change is this?


    The summery of visits over the past 30 days decreases from day to day! The day before yesterday i’ve got lets say 500 visits, yesterday it says 400 and today its only 300… Hope that makes things clear!

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    If you’re referring to your blog, you haven’t published a post since April 30th, so it seems like either you’re losing your audience or your loyal visitors don’t have much of a reason to return at this time, which is actually quite common.

    Try publishing a new post and see if those numbers start to climb again.

    That is not the Problem!

    If I get less visitors a day you are right, but how comes that over 30 days the visits in total decreases from one day to the other? Did you get that?

    If yesterday I got only 20 visits and today it will be only 10 it should be tomorroy 30 visits at all and not 5…

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    The way I see is that you’re getting less and less visitors over a 30-day period because it’s been almost 30 days since your last post. At least, that’s what you’re making it sound like.

    Are you talking about your visits/day decreasing each day, or your visits/month decreasing each day?


    I thought this will sum up a specific period over exactly one month, from may 1st till May 31th.

    IMHO it is not logical that I have a increase by visits/day and a decrease by visits/month…

    Besides, could you please remove the URL to my Blog? Thank you!

    I just checked out your blog, and I do have to agree with what macmanx is saying.

    From a technical standpoint, the Google Analytics tracking script is installed correctly and is reporting visits to Analytics, since you are seeing new stats come in each day. If the issue was only with the widget and the Analytics website was reporting something differently, I would say there is a problem, but the Analytics website is almost always accurate.

    Speaking from experience, blog traffic is most certainly related to post frequency. Most readers come from RSS feeds, and without new posts, they’re simply not visiting the blog. On top of that, Google search has become much more time sensitive in the past year, especially with blog results, so without updated content, blogs tend to fall in the search results fairly quickly.

    Before Google Analyticator I have installed another Analytics plugin. This messed up my data. Now everything works fine. (except the CSS of the graph widget in the backend which is not properly aligned left/right)

    When I click on “View Full Stat Report” it takes me to but nothing is there.

    …Well I say nothing but what I mean is my analytics is not there, but what is there is a signup page for google analytics.

    In order to see the entire report of my sites analytics, did I need to sign up for something? Sorry if this sounds strange, I had someone else set up the site and I can no longer get in-touch with that person.

    Yes, you need a Google Analytics account to view your stats on the web, but don’t just sign up using the sign up form. You need to sign in with the account originally used to setup Analytics on your blog.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t anyway to tell what Google account is linked with your Analytics data. That, you’re just going to have to either track down the person who originally setup your website, or do some detective work and see if you have any email from Google mentioning the account.

    The good news is once you know the Google account used to setup Analytics on your website, you can login to Google Analytics using that account and give your normal Google account access to your Analytics. That way you don’t have to switch between accounts.

    Good luck finding the account!

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