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  • Chris F.


    I second that. Not sure why updates ceased.

    I agree – this plugin is great but the lack of compatability with latest wordpress is a concern. I’ve started to look for alternatives but haven’t found one I like yet….

    Hi there !

    I do agree this plugin is one of the essential for good seo to avoid dupplicate content by indexing posts with several categories.

    Dear Hikari, can you just check 3.5 compatibility (it works fine indeed, but just to check…)

    Moreover, a great enhancement would be to support custom post types such as portfolios that also use categories…

    Thanks !

    I think it should even easier now with this patch:

    How many people are still interested in this? I am a plugin developer, and I actually also use this plugin.

    Maybe I can take it over / reprogram it using the ‘post_link_category’ filter, but first I would need people to back me up. Alternatively I could start a project on kickstart or something 😉

    Let me know if you think it’s a good idea.

    Jordy, I am interested in this plugin being continued, if you need some webspace to associated to the plugin then let me know and I shall provide it .. Thanks G
    ps.. drop me a message to chat further, if need be

    I would be interested, too.
    Kickstarter is too big for a “simple” plugin like this one.

    Okay. I need it anyway 😉

    The code of this plugin is actually quite messy so I will have to redo it from scratch.

    What could be its new name? Something long like “WP Post Category Permalink”? 😉

    Okay, just finished it. It’s called “WP Category Permalink”, the code has been completely rewritten, even though the JS “client” side is the same.

    I added a feature: now you’ll see directly which category has been picked in the posts list 😉 I think you will all appreciate this feature.

    The plugin has been submitted to WordPress, but you can get it already here:

    Let me know if it works for you (of course it will re-use your already-set categories).

    Great, thanks for your work!
    I will test it as soon as it is available on

    It is now available 🙂

    Please rate it and if any issue, let’s talk about it on the support forum 🙂

    Hi Jordy, will test shortly and provide feedback .. have a new site for this to test .. thanks muchly ..

    I have it running on my website It has been tested my many visitors for almost 24 hours now 🙂 It should be fine 🙂

    Hi Jordy, I deactivated the Hikari plugin, activated your new plugin and it kept all the permalinks originally linked to the Hikari plugin, so it has worked well. Thank you very much

    Perfect! And now you can see the category in bold in the posts list as well, did you see? Please rate the plugin so that it can get “approved” by the community 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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