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  • Hi,

    I recently upgraded to the new version of front-end-editor, the one that uses CLEditor.

    Everything worked fine with the old version — but now I get a Javascript error when I double-click on some content I’d like to edit:

    TypeError: Result of expression 'ai.controls' [null] is not an object.

    I am not sure what the problem is. Any ideas?


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  • I should add that the editing box never appears. After double-clicking on the content to edit, the content disappears. Using the error console in the browser, I see the Javascript error referred to above.

    Plugin Author scribu


    What browser are you using (name and version)?

    Thanks Scribu. I see that error in Safari/Chrome.

    On Firefox, the error is slightly different. “options.controls is null”

    I suspect a conflict with another plugin, but I have not yet been able to pinpoint it.

    Chrome 11.0.696.34
    Safari 5.0.4
    Firefox 4.0

    and it’s only a problem for “rich” fields from what I can tell.

    I am having the same problem with firefox 4.0b13pre and Chrome 10.0.648.133, both on ubuntu.

    It only concerns version 1.9.3 of the plugin. Version 1.9.2 works fine. And plugin interference doesn’t seem to be the problem here, I deactivated all the other plugins but it still wouldn’t work.

    Disabling the plugin and re-enabling it has helped on two development installations I am running. The Javascript error is gone now.

    I’m having the same problem. WordPress is v3.1.1, FEE is v1.9.3.

    I have editing turned on for post title, post content, and comment content only. With the WYSIWYG editor turned on, highlighting and tool tips work normally, but when I double-click the post content it disappears and never gives me an editor. Inspecting with firebug shows that the editor is there, and populated properly, but has display: none; set inline at the element level. I am able to edit the post title and comment content as normal.

    If I turn the WYSIWYG editor off, it appears to work fine in all three places.

    I have no custom controls set on the WYSIWYG editor.

    I can replicate this in Firefox 4, Chrome 10.0.*, and Safari 5.04 (all latest versions), on OSX 10.6.

    Plugin Author scribu


    I’ve been able to reproduce the error.

    Quick fix:

    1. Go to WP Admin -> Settings -> Front-end Editor -> Editor Panel box.
    2. Click on the “All” link.
    3. Click Save Changes.

    Plugin Author scribu


    So, the problem was that the cleditor controls field was blank.

    This should no longer be a problem in the development version (1.9.4-alpha)

    Thanks scribu!

    Ah, perfect. Added all controls back and it works normally now. Thanks!

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