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    I am currently using the Sparkpost developer plan to send transaction email to my site’s registered users hosted on I have had no trouble thus far testing it for a week or so and I could verify that new users are receiving registration notifications.

    Now, I want to extend the use and am testing Sparkpost plugin locally on my WordPress site (HTTP API replacing an earlier SMTP plugin). However, I am not sure of certain how-tos or what-is’ and could not find answers on the plugin’s WordPress home. Wonder if someone here could help or redirect me to appropriate resources.

    1. Newsletter Plugin Integration: Has it been tested / deployed in production to work with the Newsletter plugin? Any known issues?

    2. Mark emails as transactional: What is this configurable option under Settings – Sparkpost – Overrides? When checked, a test email from myCred plugin went to Gmail’s promotional folder. When uncheked, it was delivered to inbox. What does the option signify and what is the recommended configuration, considering my site will send both transactional emails from plugins such as myCred, new posts published (currently handled by SMTP plugin/, and regular Newsletters?

    3. Any dependence on Default wp-cron: I have disabled the default cron daemon and instead use a web-based cron. Does Sparkpost plugin rely on the default cron in any way to send email-notifications to multiple users?

    Edit. 4. Email Header Says PHP Mailer: The test emails received have a header that say Using PHPMailer 5.2.22. Is this expected?

    Can someone please advice?

    Thanks in advance,
    Kind regards

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  • Hi there!

    Since it relates with features (and since there’s no response yet), I am using the same thread to add:

    5. Comment Notification Crowded: The WordPress comments notification (awaiting moderation) to admin works but has really long tracking URLs with most covering three lines per URL and some running over four. Just to be clear, I am not looking to use HTML email templates (at the moment) and merely want the plain text emails to be a bit more readable with enough spacing in between, say, Approve it, Trash it, Spam it, etc. Am I missing anything in the plugin configuration? Or is there a way to shorten the URLs / use TinyURLs?

    Edit: 6. Mailing List Header: Every email received shows a new header called mailing list: <spc-######-#> where # is a digit. I have not defined a mailing list, yet. What purpose does this serve?

    Please advice.

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Author SparkPost


    Hey @backpackingseries, hope some of these answers help:

    1) While the SparkPost plugin works well with many other plugins, it’s not something we actively test or guarantee. However, in general, any plugins that use WordPress’s official APIs to send emails should work fine with SparkPost plugin.

    2) When enabled, SparkPost marks all emails sent by this plugin as transactional. SparkPost and email inbox providers sometimes treat transaction and non-transactional emails differently under the hood, for more info see:
    If you intend to mainly sent marketing and newsletter emails, uncheck the option. While you’d generally expect emails that land in the promotions folder to not be transactional, we can’t really say what makes a specific email land there. If you are sending a mix of transactional and marketing emails, we’d suggest using Templates and saving the setting there.

    3) No, it doesn’t itself depend on any cron.

    4) This is normal, the plugin uses it.

    5) You can disable link tracking globally in your SparkPost account or in the plugin. From the “Overrides” tab, uncheck ‘Enable Tracking’. If you want to track some emails and not others, we’d suggest using Templates and enabling it there. At the moment there isn’t a way to shorten links.

    6) These types of headers are normally added to non-transactional emails for internal SparkPost and inbox provider use. Some inbox providers use them to build promotional email unsubscribe functionality. Sending your emails as transactional should remove them.

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