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  • You get this error with a lot of plugins right now due to changes in the wpdb prepare function. This plugin needs updating for WordPress 3.5.

    here is teh explanation and the solution.

    When is this Missing argument 2 fix going to be completed in the plug in. I put the fix in the thread to remove errors in the wp-config.php @ini_set(‘display_errors’, 0); but it still show one error 990 on the pages the GTM system project forums and Groups are. to clarify on the pages the ToDo can be seen there is one single error. there4 use to be errors all over the place every page before i put the code to stop errors in.

    It’s a shame it’s a nice plug in but seem to not be supported.

    I’m not a coder what will it take to fix the Missing argument 2.

    This plug in blow away CollabPress there single task level just doesn’t work. You need a milestone and sub tasks level of breaking up a project to be able to coordinate a project with a group of members. You need a calendar for the project and one thing this is missing in GMT a score board to easily see the progress. Just a progress bar would be great.

    I hope this gets fixes and the score board gets added.

    So is this plug in still active? Has anyone fixed this plug in so we don’t get the errors for Missing argument 2. I made an attempt but ti just keep putting more and more different code line errors.

    Is there anybody out there?

    One of my developers fixed it…I will see if he can at least post the fix here…or maybe we fork it…we will probably do some additional development on top of it….but I need to talk to my dev team first…

    Wow thanks it is a very good task management plugin. I have collabpress on the site now but this is a better task management plugin. The ability to add sub-tasks blows Collabpress away. I do wish there was a short code for a front end you could put on a task page. I’ll keep checking back to see if it’s been updated.


    This issue is already fixed, pls check

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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