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  • Plugin Author ti2m


    Awesome! Thanks for your feedback!

    A shortcode seems to be a great idea. Do you have anything in mind besides placing the composition in the post?

    I would love it the shortcode would also work in a widget? And one of the attributes of the shortcode would be the id number of the Adobe Edge composition.

    Woking great so far! Nice work… I’m new to WP and am using the Striking theme. Is there a way I can easily control the placement of the Edge Compositions on the page? Ideally I’d like to center them on the page and be able to adjust the vertical placement as well.

    Tarnya’s idea of a shortcode would be pretty cool but is there some html I can use on a page to position the composition without that or?

    Thanks for the assist!

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Hi, I have just committed an update. Shortcodes are supported now.

    The following should work:
    [edge_animation id="4"]
    [edge_animation id="4" left="auto"]
    [edge_animation id="4" left="10" top="20"]

    If you want to use shortcodes in widgets, go to the Edge Suite settings page and enable “use shortcodes in widgets”.

    Let me know if that works out for you, then I would include it into documentation.

    Thanks for the suggestions, I thinks that’s a really nice feature.

    Hi Timm,

    I’m still trying this out. Is there something I would need to do to be able to use the shortcodes above in the html area of a page editor? I’m guessing that I’d change the id to match the series of numbers assigned in the Edge Suite drop down list also. Is that correct?

    Do I need to add something to the theme’s functions.php file or? Sorry for being a bit lost here….

    Hi ti2m thank you so much! Have you got a donate button on your blog somewhere?

    Hi Stephen we will need the update to the plugin which ti2m has added but is not showing yet on the wordpress plugin page yet. The current version is still the one we have 0.3. We will need to wait for 0.4 or 0.3.1 – the update might have to reviewed I guess and might take some time.

    Hello Tarnya,
    Although the revision number has not changed, the code was updated and the feature was added… I just have not figured out yet how to use it properly to adjust where the animation gets positioned. Do you understand how to implement the shortcodes as Timm has outlined?

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Hi there,
    yes, i have just updated the code, not the version number. Will do that when it seems to work all right. Have to think about version numbers as I don’t want to change it with every little addition.

    Stephen, you are right, use the id that shows up in the drop down and use it in the shortcode. That should work. With the two attributes “left” and “top” you can set the margin of the stage div. Just use numbers which will convert to pixel, or use “auto” for centering horizontally.

    Otherwise let me know what’s unclear.

    Figured it out….

    Everything is golden. Great Job Timm!!!!

    Just noticed something you might want to know about. When I add some other shortcodes to a page (depending on what they are) I get the following error:

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/content/59/9926959/html/wp-content/plugins/edge-suite/edge-suite.php on line 204

    This appears if I use the preview window after selecting a shortcode before actually inserting the shortcode. Just fyi.

    It seems like the site works though…hope this helps!

    Tried some more tests placing the Edge Animation on a page created using the portfolio shortcode from the Striking Template. There seems to be a conflict that prevents the portfolio from completing and where the images should load into there are icons with spinning arrows.

    If you like I can try more things to give you feedback, just let me know. Glad to help if I can.


    Plugin Author ti2m


    thanks for the detailed testing, really appreciate it. I fixed the “implode” error message (new commit, still same version number). Can I take a look at the striking theme with portfolio + the edge animation somewhere? I guess we will get that a lot in the future, Edge conflicting with other JS scripts. Does the FF/chrome developer tools console say anything about JS errors? Is it just not working with “shortcode” animations or does it crash with the animation being in the header as well? Trying to figure out if this is a shortcode problem or a general JS issue.

    Hi Tim,

    The preview works great now and the confilct seems to have gone away. I will try different options for the portfolio shortcode and let you know how things go but at the moment things seem to be working. I’ve set up a test page so you can take a look with one of the Adobe animations and portfolio working together. You can see it here:

    Right now I only have 5 test videos in the portfolio (all under the NAB 2012 channel) and I’m working on an animation for the home page to replace a video place holder there etc. (you can link to the home page etc from the test). When I’m further along witht the site I’d welcome any suggestions:-) Ultimately the site will host hundreds of videos and I’ll have to add additional channels for them etc.

    Plugin Author ti2m


    Thanks for testing. Looks good.

    Let me know if you are interested in data injection. Means you can use the same animation with some content e.g. text depending on the page that you are on. I used to do this in flash with xml files. Now you can just use a bit of JS and you can use wordpress data like the title of the post within an animation. But as that’s a different topic I’ll close the issue as shortcodes seem to work now.

    Hi Timm,

    Yes this would be very helpful. Please let me know if you do this!

    Thanks again for your great work on this!


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