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  • Please do not redirect me to a link. I am a novice to wordpress and do feel silly asking questions that people assume you would know the answer.
    i managed to install and events calendar and it had what is called a shortcode which you can embed into your pages…i understand this completely.
    The problem on a very basic level in plugins is 1. i install plugins 2. modify plugin category settings etc, once i am happy with this i save it.
    3.what next???i think i was assuming i would get a shotcode to put into page or a new page would be generated with the plugin inside.

    i see that with all plugins you get the files…readme/php etc… it a metter of pasting one of these in the page.
    ok please if you have time answer me step by step and not put a referral link. all the other help pages omit this. many thanks

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  • If you visit the plugin page, and read the instructions, it should give you the details of the short code you need to use, copy the shortcode, and where you want it added, either create a new page or edit an exisitng page and paste the short cut into the editor screen (I would use the html tab for this). Post a link to the plugin you are using, and I can have a quick look for the shortcode you will need to use.

    Hi mentalist3d
    Thanks for taking the time to help me. My website is and it is meant to be a social platform business site. I am using platform pro and installed buddypress. I was advised to use buddypress for its forum and blog etc.

    I made the pages but don’t know how to make the forum and blog appear on their pages. Do you use shortcode for all plugins? or do you put other coding. I think once I know this the site will flow really well. I have managed to use some plugins (directory and contact page) which were a matter of copying shortcode and embedding in relevant page. In fact those are the only two plugins I have been able to use purely because the shortcode is ‘staring you in the face’. All help very appreciated.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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