• Hi,
    I’m the developer of Smart Slider 3. Our plugin allows to place YouTube players into slides and Smart Slider controls the YouTube player, for example: stops the video on slide change etc…

    Smart Slider places the YouTube with the iframe API. The problem is that your plugin takes over the control of the YouTube players inside Smart Slider and we are not able to control it anymore.
    The problem is that the following matches every YouTube iframes:
    evselector: 'iframe.__youtube_prefs__[src], iframe[src*="youtube.com/embed/"], iframe[src*="youtube-nocookie.com/embed/"]',

    It would be great if you could create an exclude, so Smart Slider would be able to function properly.

    evselector: 'iframe.__youtube_prefs__[src], iframe[src*="youtube.com/embed/"]:not([data-external="1"]), iframe[src*="youtube-nocookie.com/embed/"]:not([data-external="1"])',

    Then we would add data-external="1" to our frames and everything should work as expected. The naming is up to your as it is not implemented yet in Smart Slider.

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    There’s already an option that tells our plugin to only apply the API to the YouTube videos that have explicitly been created by our plugin (which would exclude your slider’s embeds). It’s called “Theme Video Problems” — see the Compatibility section of the plugin.

    -EmbedPlus Team

    Hi @embedplus,
    thanks, we know about that option and usually we suggest that for our users. But wouldn’t be better to think forward and spare the searching time for our users? You just need to extend your selector with a blacklist attribute, we add that attribute to our YouTube embeds and everyone happy without noticing the problem. Please consider my suggestion, thank you!

    We had the very same situation with lazy loading plugins and this was the final solution. Lazy loading plugins added an attribute which allowed exclusion for images.

    Hi @embedplus,
    any news on this topic?

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