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  • Can you explain more what you wanna do ?

    When I write my comment rules in “Comment License Options” they appear all in one line, no matter how I write them. (Like this: 1. Rule nr. one. 2. Rule nr. two. 3. Rule nr. three.)

    But I want every rule to be on a separate line.
    Like this:
    1. Rule nr. one
    2. Rule nr. two
    3. Rule nr. three.

    So I imagine I need to add < br / > somewhere, am I wrong?

    For Bullets :
    *Rule One
    *Rule Two

    For Numbering :

    1 Rule One
    1 Rule Two
    1 Rule Three and so o

    yeah, where? I really don’t know CSS code, please be explicit.

    I do not necessarily need a numbered or a bulleted list. I just need my text to start in a different line when I tell it to do so (like by pushing “Enter” on a keyboard). I don’t know how to be more clear about this. :/

    And I need to know WHERE exactly to modify the code, so I don’t ruin it. (Naturally, modifynig text in the “Options” window doesn’t have any effect. All text still appears in one line, so I assume I need to modify comment-license.php)

    Oh! I misunderstood your Question. You can do this simply be pressing enter, and it will jump to new line. Enter works fine to add something in new line. Example :

    #page a {
    #wrap {
    position: relative;

    and so on..

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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