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  • Here are some scan results:

    # (results: 287)
    # (results: 282)
    # (results: 235)
    # (results: 287)
    # (results: 282)
    # (results: 235)

    issue is that it is very slow going…
    Anyway to do this via command-line?
    Also, if I successfully complete one of the line results, and scan again, it finds the already successfully completed images as if they were not cached properly.

    Either way, great plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Milan Dinić


    Speed of caching depends on your server. For every image, WordPress needs to sideload image and generate thumbnails which number varies depending on image’s size and setup. It also needs to read image’s metadata.

    Maybe something can be coded for use in command line but I don’t recommend that since time you waste on coding is longer then one which needs for current usage.

    There is a problem with some images from Blogger, see here.

    Thanks for fast reply. What would be involved to fix the odd name import problem which prevents successful imports of images, i.e. pix 186.jpg

    The import process never seems to complete these:

    # (results: 4)
    # (results: 4)
    # (results: 5)
    # (results: 88)
    # (results: 238)
    # (results: 75)

    no matter how many times I try.

    Thanks again!


    Install hotlink image cacher. Park a domain on your current domain. Change to the parked domain.
    Example: you have and you change it to
    Use hotlinked image cacher to cache blogspot images. After cached, change back to your old domain. Use cache images, and cache images from your other, parked domain. I used this little trick with those images.

    Mahjong, cool. To clarify: register new domain with different extension, i.e. –> Would subdomain work, i.e.

    Here is my interpretation:

    1. Installed HLIC.
    1. Register *.us version of my site’s domain at GoDaddy.
    2. Logged onto my web host’s cpanel.
    3. Parked new *.us domain via cpanel.
    4. Created redirection to original *.com site.
    5. Logged into GoDaddy and changed A Record of *.us to my same IP as my *.com.
    6. Waited for A Record to propagate; 5 minutes.
    7. Changes my WordPress site (via wp-admin) from *.com to *.us.
    8. Imported images via HLIC.
    9. Changed back to *.com, SEE: 7 above.
    10. Used Cache Images to import from *.us domain.

    Well… I did something wrong. Had to change the url back to *.com via phpMyAdmin. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Milan Dinić


    Guys, is it really necessary to buy a new domain just for this? Wasn’t better to pay with that money to developers?

    OK, now that I see that this is extremely important issue, I promise I will look for a solution.

    Sorry for the obvious. Pay with money to developers: of course. Please give me a price.

    Plugin Author Milan Dinić


    Please try development version, it tries to fix issue with Blogger’s URLs.

    Sorry for the obvious. Pay with money to developers: of course. Please give me a price.

    I don’t ask you to pay me, I just said that if you already pay because of this issue, it’s better to pay to plugin’s developers, or to someone other who can fix issue for everyone. 😉

    How about you?

    Plugin Author Milan Dinić


    Have you tried development version I mentioned above?

    Dpaule: yes, subdomain should work, or any domain from or You just park it on your installation (do not redirect it!), then use HLIC which will cache blogspot images (i’m not sure, because my images were not from blogspot, but still not cached with this plugin) in your wpcontent/uploads/hlic dir, or whatever. But before that, you have to change the domain to the parked domain of yours (of course after propagation, so you can open wp-admin with that domain too.) Cache the blogspot images with HLIC (beware, do not cache it from your other parked domain! – it will download every image and change their location to yourdomainusedwithHLIC/wpcontent/uploads/hlic)
    Now change back to the main domain, login to wp-admin, and use cache images to cache from the other domain of yours (so basically you cache from local domain, and hlic renamed files so you will not have any problem with characters anymore)

    maybe it seems difficult, but if you installed both plugins and have a main and a parked domain too, then it is just about changing the wordpress url in wp admin twice.
    change the domain ->use HLIC ->change back -> use cache images
    Thats it.
    I think your problem was that you were not waiting for the domain to point to your host, OR the redirection – you don’t have to redirect any of the domains. You have to be able to use your wordpress site from the parked domain of yours too.

    Plugin Author Milan Dinić


    dpaule, mahjong: have you tried development version, I pushed some code that should now cache all images from Blogger?

    Please try it so that I know is this fixed since I’ll release a new version with some bug fixes today.

    Wow… seems like it’s running fine. Thanks!! I’ll let you know if there are any problems after it finishes up caching the rest of my 300+ images.

    Ooops, take that back: *.bmp images don’t seem to get imported. BTW, these bmp images are from a blogger site.

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