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  • Hi

    I have installed this plugin but when I check my USA amazon links from the UK, I just get forwarded onto the USA Amazon… I have included all my affiliate ID’s… any ideas?

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  • The same thing happened to me. I fixed it by getting an API key from here:

    Then you’ll need to add the key to your plugin. Open amazon_affiliate_link_localizer.php in the wordpress plugin editor, and look for the line that has this javascript bit:
    <script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"\">

    right after the jsapi add
    and then your API key that you got from Google.

    So that line should look like:
    <script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"\">

    After I did that, my link localization worked perfectly.

    Hi PublishingCentral,

    Thanks so much for the reply, was beginning to lose hope! I did as you said and got an API and added it in the correct place but my .com Amzn links still don’t redirect to the Amzn, and I live in the UK…

    Thanks for your help…


    Are the products you’re listing available on the site? I’ve had a number of books and videos that don’t switch from the .com site, and it turns out that they come up with a 404 page when I change the extension.

    The other thing I would try is putting an Amazon link without your affiliate id, to see if the script adds it. At least you’d know for sure then whether the script is functioning at all. If it’s not, I’d try uninstalling, then reinstalling.


    Thanks again for your help..Yes the products are available on the UK site… tried a link without my affiliate ID.. same thing… uninstalled and reinstalled with the google API and without…

    Just doesnt seem to want to work for me…lol

    Thanks again for trying to help PublishingCentral


    One final thought… check the source of your blog to make sure the script line (the same one you edited) shows up there.

    Not sure what else to check, but I hope you find a solution to your problem.


    PublishingCentral, since you are the only person I’ve found who says that this plugin works, I was wondering if you would mind taking a look at my question about it here: I’m trying to figure out if this will only work with specific product links, or if it also should work with search results-type links.

    It adds my .com affiliate id, but it doesn’t redirect for results-type links, as far as I can tell.

    @spiritualight – As explained in the FAQ, it may be that Google cannot get a fix on your location. This does happen occassionally, go to to check this and let me know what it says.

    Also that API key is not required.



    @petewilliams thanks for replying… your link gives ‘No Country Detected’

    Any ideas?


    I am looking at creating a serverside fallback for when Google can’t get a fix, but that’s a big job so won’t happen for a while. In the meanwhile though, it’s not a big problem – it only happens to a few people so it should work fine for your visitors even if not for you – and of course that’s what matters.




    I want to use this great plugin.
    But this does not work properly. I am also.

    I have to get a google API Key,and “amazon_affiliate_link_localizer.php” was added to.
    Once I have access to it was displayed properly as shown below.
    “Your country code is: ‘JP'”

    When I clicked on the link for Amazon in the U.S. will not be transferred to Amazon Japan.
    What is the problem?

    Hi akriraxx – do you have a link to your website I can look at to see what’s going on? Can you tell me exactly what link you clicked on and what URL it took you to? Also, what changes have you made to “amazon_affiliate_link_localizer.php? None should be required (the API key is not needed) so I wonder if this may have broken something?

    Feel free to email me at



    Thanks reply.

    Thanks Akira. As mentioned in the FAQ the plugin does not yet support Amazon widgets, just normal text links.

    Thanks for reply.

    I understand.
    Once a text link, was transferred to the Amazon in Japan.

    But 404 pages (Amazon Japan) will be displayed.


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