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  • Hello everyone, I’ve been in contact with the plugin developer to discuss the status of this plugin. He has informed me that he will no longer be doing active development or maintenance on Memphis Documents Library due to life circumstances that have him focusing on other things.

    I am talking with a few different seasoned plugin developers to discuss the possibility of taking over the development of Memphis Docs, and applying a Freemium model to it. This would include a complete code refactoring and UI update, as well as Gutenberg and page builder compatibility.

    While these talks are just starting, I am confident I can find someone to work with me on keeping Memphis Docs alive and bringing it up-to-date with modern WordPress development. If you are a plugin developer and would like to discuss this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email:

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  • G’day Cameron

    Thank you for taking the initiative to keep this terrific plugin alive! I’m not a developer so can’t help you on that front. Love to support it though, so if you need a bit of testing done, I’ll chip in.

    I hope all is ok with Ian.



    Ditto for me. Wish I could help code. Hungry to have this plugin maintained. So if I can be a tester, I’m in.

    Hi Cameron, I was happy to see your post and thatyou were able to connect with Ian. I wish you success in reviving and updating this useful plugin. I hope it’s not too late…

    Thank you!



    G’day @cameronbarrett

    I hope you are well.

    I’m just wondering if you had any further progress on this terrific plugin?





    Hi Cameron

    Just discovered this post and am so greatful that you are pursuing this course of action. It really is an invaluable plugin which nothing else seems to come close to matching. I wish you every success

    Many thanks again


    I am tagging this in hope of news that you’ve found supporters and development will continue.


    Thread Starter Cameron Barrett


    Unfortunately, my team has been unable to take over the development of this plugin as we had hoped. It needs a complete rewrite from the ground up, especially its Folder Creation and Management process.

    I am currently moving over 100 websites I manage to use other solutions. I recommend you do the same, as this plugin will continue to break. It does not work with PHP 8.0.

    It truly was a wonderful plugin and I’ve built some fantastic document libraries with it. It’s a difficult plugin to replace, but there are some that come fairly close to providing the same functionality.

    Thanks so much for the update Cameron. Do you happen to have a suggestion for a replacement? I’ve checked out a few without success.

    Again, thanks so much!

    Thank you as well for the heads up. If you find a solution, and we know, responsibility falls on us, we would appreciate your recommendations.

    Cameron, Thanks for the heads up that it does not work on PHP 8. That is a huge help to know in advance! I would love to know what replacements you like the best especially when it comes to importing the documents with the same file structure. And then I am going to have to replace a bunch of shortcodes.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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