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    Hey, this is a great plugin. Nice and clean and simple.

    I do have a question. I noticed it doesn’t support custom post types and custom taxonomies, and you mentioned as much in the description. Do you have plans for adding support for that?

    I took a quick look and added minimal support for a custom post type as a test, but would love to see more official and robust support added.

    Are you open to contributions, like on Github? I’d be willing to contribute to that, in any way that I can.

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  • Plugin Author finnj


    The reason for not including custom post types is that I am afraid it will open up a lot of changes including custom fields etc, and make the plugin more complicated.

    It is intentional that I try to keep it simple, as there are more frontend advanced plugins out there (like WP User Frontend).

    That being said, I am certainly open for suggestions, so if you could try and explain what you would like to achieve, and also how (if possible), I will take a look at it.

    Gitihub could be an option

    John Parris



    Hey, thanks for responding. I completely understand wanting to keep it simple. It always seems like one things leads to another leads to another…

    It seems like the most confusing thing for “normal everyday” users is figuring out the WP admin. Those of us who live in WP don’t have a problem with it really, but people who don’t always seem a bit confused by all the stuff there.

    WP User Frontend looks pretty nice, but it has a lot more stuff than I need. I don’t need the custom registration forms, the payment processing, the subscription stuff, the drag and drop interface, or all the custom redirect stuff.

    Your plugin is nice but doesn’t have a couple things I’m always needing. I’d love to see something kind of in the middle of the two, but really closer to what you have.

    What I almost always need is support on the front end for custom post types and custom taxonomies. And I hate to say it, but custom fields would really be nice too.

    But that’s all.

    Custom post types, taxonomies, and fields would make this plugin really rule and work under just about any scenario. Hooks and filters could be added so that any other advanced functionality could be done by developers or done via add-ons, keeping the core functionality simple, strong, and all the features related to front end editing.

    I don’t know what you think about this, but if you’re interested I’d be glad to help if I can.

    Plugin Author finnj


    I have given this some thoughts, and decided not to include custom post types and custom fields – below I have tried to explain my reasons:

    – it will make the plugin more complicated, and I am afraid that it requires more skills than I have (I am not a programmer, and I have only worked with WP for about 4 months). Frontier post is made simple, and I am trying to keep it this way.

    – the reason for me to make Frontier Post was that I needed a simple and robust way for my users to post content. Most of my users will never understand the back-end, so I needed something simple.

    – I was in the same situation as you are now, either the alternatives were too simple or too feature rich and complicated, the more complicated version with pro options. It was a concious decision to keep at a simple level, and I have no p lans to make money on it.

    – I dont use custom post types in my own blogs, and would have difficulties testing the usecases.

    If you want to take a copy of Frontier Post and use that as a basis for your own plugin, feel free 🙂 , only thing I will ask is not to call it Frontier something. I might even start using that instead of my own. Let me know what you do, and post a link if you decide to start your own.

    Hi guys, just to let you know that I need the exact same thing and have been searching for a while…
    If there is anything light weight like this one that can do custom posts…please please let me know.

    Plugin Author finnj


    Not that I know, sorry

    One developer has forked WP User Frontend (dont believe it is light weght), you might want to look at it:

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