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  • rakhesh


    How do I setup wordpress to automatically ping one of these sites like or technorati whenever I make a new entry? In MT there’s a box where you mention these URLs, but I couldn’t find anything similar in wordpress. I suppose there’s a pretty obvious way, but I checked and couldn’t find anything. =)

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  • otaku42


    You might want to take a look at “Options” / “RSS/RDF Feeds, Track-/Ping-backs” in your administration panel. There are two settings, “use_weblogsping” and “use_blodotgsping”, that might bewhat you are looking for. Trackbacks and Pingbacks are activated per post (by entering URLs to trackback and activating the “ping urls in this post” option when entering a new post).



    Thanks. =)
    So the way I see it, if you want to ping services other than and you will have to ping them each time you post an entry. Any reasons for having things this way? As in, suppose a user wants to always ping a bunch of sites, wouldn’t it be a bother specifiying the URL each time he/ she posts an entry?



    Pingbacks are, as well as Trackbacks, some kind of “remote comment”. It’s quite unusual to have an URL that you like to pingback/trackback with each post (although there are some examples like, which I use with trackback). Those facilities you usually want to ping along with each request are selectible in the options.
    If you had a trackback-URL that you would like to “ping” along with each post, you could hardcode it within the PHP code. If that is what you want and you can’t find the correct place for that, let me know.



    I would actually like to know this. Specifically, I want to automatically send a trackback to the seablogs site (for Seattle weblogs) whenever I post something in a particular category (the Seattle category). Is that relatively easy to add?
    Thanks! (By the way, I am a new WordPress user; switched from iBlog last week and like WP a lot. See .)

    I noticed that no one ever answered my last question about category-specific automatic trackbacks:

    Specifically, I want to automatically send a trackback to the seablogs site (for Seattle weblogs) whenever I post something in a particular category (the Seattle category). Is that relatively easy to add?

    Is this something that is possible currently? If you’ve discussed it in here, I’ve missed it (highly likely). 🙂
    Thanks in advance!

    there is a new section in the latest nightlies backend where u can specify the URI for pinging. Maybe if u just can wait for the next release! 🙂

    So in that case I would be able to have all posts in a section automatically trackback ping another site? That would be neat. As it is now I have to remember to manually add the tb whenever I post a Seattle post, and it’s really irritating. 🙂
    I will wait for the next release, I guess!

    Well, the feature sushbuh is talking about isn’t category base AFAIK. What it will do is allow you to create a list of places to ping when a post is added (regardless of category.) So, I’m not sure it will of value in that respect.

    The original question wasn’t about pingbacks or trackbacks, it was about “pinging” a directory like to let it know your site has been updated. and are hard-coded into WP 1.0, but there are other sites (, for instance) that work on the same principle, often via the same mechanism. The feature Sushubh mentioned sounds like it, assuming you can set multiple URIs and not just one.

    Kelson – yes, the original post wasn’t talking about trackbacks or pingbacks, but they did get introduced into the conversation and a couple of things needed to be cleared up.
    The new feature, IIRC, is based upon Dougal’s work on the “Blog Service Pinger
    At least that’s what I’ve been led to believe.

    Yes, the trackback/pingback topic was brought up in mid-thread somewhere which is why I jumped in at that point.
    My understanding is that the category-specific automatic trackbacks are supported in Movable Type. Not that I am planning to switch. But I can’t really program php so if anyone out there who can write php thinks this would be a nifty hack, and writes one up, I would definitely install it and say lots of good things about it. 😉
    Sometimes I wish I was a programmer. As it is I am pretty damned happy just to get other people’s hacks running without asking for help!

    TechGnome – sure, trackbacks and pingbacks came up partway through… but the original question hadn’t been answered completely (and it looked like pingbacks/trackbacks came up due to someone misunderstanding the question.)
    I’m not in the mood to install a nightly just now, though. If someone in the know could confirm that the old and options have been generalized to allow pinging of multiple (configurable) sites, I’d appreciate it! Thanks!

    It is in the works for the next version.

    Is there any way to make the default of the “pingback” in the “write” area of the admin default to not checked?

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