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  • ericfarman


    Hi evryone,
    Some specialists of PhpMyAdmin in here ?

    I wanted to install WP With Wampserver.

    What I’v done :
    1. Install Wamp (64)
    2. Run services (on Win10)
    3. Create a Database in PhpMyAdmin
    4. Unzip WP in the www folder of Wamp (nammed with the same name of the database)
    5. I Prey
    6. I go to localhost and clic on the folder name I’ve created
    7. God doesn’t exist, Or I’ve done something wrong ?

    Shouldn’t I have the Welcome screen of WP ?
    Thanks for any help !

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  • Steve


    Did you check WP installation files in your folder?
    Do you have http://localhost/MyLocalWebSite/ (for example) URL in your browser?

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    Hi, do you check MYSQL connections? You can create again another MYSQL and after WordPress installation check MYSQL Host name, username and password check in wp-config.php, as I know on the Wamp server, you create a host and can give a name, and the user name of Root and the password does not exist.



    Thankyou for arnwers !
    Yes : http://localhost/MyLocalWebSite/

    Gsar : My wp-config.php
    Change username : root
    Database : “shopoon” My database name
    Host : localhost
    password : (none)

    When I open : Wamp > Localhost > Adminer
    I can connect to my database.
    When I try : Localhost > Shopoon (my www folder)
    The page makes me an error : “INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND”

    Ones again, Thakyou very much for your help



    Try to make new user with password and connect it with database or just assign a password to root user.



    You can try use xampp, maybe xampp will solve your problem.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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