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  • Hi technoyer,

    I am the author and maintainer of phpMussel. I just wanted to ask quickly, which version of the package do you implement with Bravo? There was a small bug I fixed recently, which affects versions prior to v1.3.1, which may prevent files from being scanned correctly in some cases, depending on which signature files are used. Because your plugin information doesn’t mention which version of phpMussel you’re using, I felt I should mention about this bug here. If you implement a version prior to v1.3.1, you may need to update it to a newer version, to avoid this bug.

    Also, be sure to remember that phpMussel and its signatures are released under GNU/GPLv2 (this is partly because the ClamAV signatures, which phpMussel uses, are licensed under GNU/GPLv2 too). GNU/GPLv2 does not prohibit implementation at all, so implementing phpMussel into Bravo is okay to do (in theory, anyway; I haven’t seen which license you use for Bravo, to know whether the licenses of the two packages are compatible), but if you haven’t already done so, you should make sure that whatever license you use for Bravo is compatible with GNU/GPLv2, just to be sure (due to that GNU/GPLv2 is a “copyleft” license, and some rights for the end-user can be inherited from one package to another due to the nature of the license). 😉

    Good luck.

    Kind regards,
    Caleb M (Maikuolan).

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