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  • I’m curious as to what program everyone uses to edit their php and css files. I was using Window’s ‘Wordpad’ for the longest (as it handles formatting better than Notepad) but recently I’ve been trying EditPad ( which I really like because its powerful and simplistic. I’ve also tested Crimson Editor ( which is nice because it has a built in FTP plug which will connet to your server to DL the lastest files, and reupload them after you save…Crimson editor tends to be a bit bloated for normal purposes though and i’ve reverted back to EditPadLite. The only positive about C.E. is that you can turn on Line Numbers (which is helpful for finding errors quickly). EditPadLite does have a ‘goto line #’ command though, which takes a second longer but has the same outcome….How about you?

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  • For text editing, I like Textpad. Handles multiple files, and has loads of add-ons to extend its functionality.
    Free trial, worth a look….

    and there’s a ‘php editor’ thread around here with about 50 posts to it.

    CSS it has to be TopStyle.

    For PHP, I use Maguma and PHPEdit… for CSS goo old ‘”Visual” Notepad works form me….

    I too use EditPad Lite and you can turn on line numbering, physical or visible. If I understand correctly, EditPad Pro uses color coding.

    The most ‘Open’ and most compatible multi-platformed editor is without a doubt jEdit. It is Java based so you can run it on any system that can use Java. I use it on Linux and Windoze (on that rare occassion when I must uses Windoze).
    It has line numbering, syntax highlighting (PHP, CSS, HTML, etc. more than 130 file types), spell chceking (sp) and all of the features that you need to code in multiple languages.
    And, of course if is Free, just like WP, and we all like to support Free/OpenSource software, don’t we?



    CSSED, Bluefish for PHP



    TopStyle Pro for html and css, phpedit for php, and either notepad2 or wordpad for on the fly stuff when in WS FTP-Pro.



    ConTEXT and Dreamweaver



    I use Notepad, you know, the one on windows. Perfect validation every time, it works like magic.



    Maguma here, like the save to ftp/load from ftp also Rapid PHP



    BBEdit for Everything but the pictures.



    I’ve taken to using PSPad, which can be integrated with TopsTyle, very cool indeed.


    Under Linux (with a GUI): Kate, Bluefish or Quanta Plus (depending on how much work I need to do and what sort of mood I’m in).
    Under Linux (command-line only): JOE
    Under Windows: Windows Notepad, UltraEdit, syn Text Editor
    On a Mac: I don’t have one (yet) but I’ve heard very good things about BBEdit

    I’m still pretty new to all this, but for mac, I’ve been using Taco as mentioned, it’s free, and handles everything I need plus some.

    I looked at text wrangler, and the like, just had too much going on for what the level I’m at.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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