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    hey, how could I add some php code onto a specific page? I’ve tried to open an html-editor but additing a php code there do nothing.

    Here’s my problem: i want to add php code for showing the future events that i ‘ve added. I use calendar v 3.0
    so I create a page than i add a php-code and nothing happend….
    can you help me?

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  • moshu


    No, you cannot add php code into the content area (aka Write Page).
    You can do 2 things:
    create a Page template and put the code there, then create a new Page by using that template
    or, use a plugin that allows you to run PHP in the content.
    Search for runphp, phpexec, execphp and stuff like that.



    thank you, moshu 🙂

    2 moshu
    could you explain in details what sould i do?
    i undertand that i must create a template. done.
    and what should i do next? how could i create a new Page by using that template??

    add the php code into that template under the title of the page, then create a new page and use that for the template.

    for example:
    I used a template of page.php called it plugin.php

    under title i added the php code i wanted to use


    <h2><?php the_title(); ?></h2>
    <div id=”plugins”>

    <?php displayPluginsAsList(); ?>


    saved it, then created a new page, left it blank and published it.

    the result is:


    thanks…but i didn’t understand…
    look, I wan’t to use different from the whole template in my “myGallery”. I’d like to create a template page for my gallery that would differ from the template i have for my web-site, i don’t want to display some elements of design, for example heading. how could i perform my task? could i create just once a template and then use it several thousand times to add pages to my gallery using the tempalate different from the site-design? sorry for my english and non-concrete question, but i can’t explain in another words…

    that is exactly what you do. you create the template you want to use. you save that as a template page in your themes directory. then, when you make a pages, you use the new theme

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    I’m trying to do something similar…include a gallery within a page. I got the php to run on the page, see here: http://www.divaknitting.com/blog/?page_id=334 but the problem comes when you try to click on a category. I got the page to show up by putting view.php in the blog directory but now I am at a loss as to how to get the blog to appear around it as you drill down to single pics. Any ideas?

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